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  1. Hi as a new grad , which among these two you would go for given the opportunity to work for both? To all experience nurses, any input will be appreciated .
  2. Dcmom

    Took the NCLEX today shut off at 75 questions.....

    I tested today as well I was crying on my way in and out .I thought at some point I was going to pass out thanks goodness I didn't. Now the waiting game begins, more anxiety for me! Which state did you tested for? Are you trying the PVT?
  3. Dcmom

    LVN to RN in California

    Sorry my message was cut short. Go ahead and read through it. Gather all the necessary requirements and apply. I would think that your mom would no longer require further education. God Bless!
  4. Dcmom

    LVN to RN in California

    Yes! Tara, as you may see the "licensure by examination" indicated theough that site
  5. Dcmom

    LVN to RN in California

    If you're mom graduated before 2007 in the Philippines. Most likely she will not need to take any course to be able to sit on the nclex. Why not try to apply to CA BRN to determine her eligibility? Check first their website for step by step application process. Best of luck!
  6. Dcmom

    Passed at 85 questions

    Congrats!!!! what were your scores on Qbank?
  7. Dcmom

    Lvn scope of practice pls. Help!

    Hi all! I hope somebody can clarify this in time before I sit on my exam. I am doing Kaplan and came across to some q's that lead me to confusion. The online class instructor told me not to touch Iv's, only Rn does, though I feel that In those times I needed to. So As I move along and do the qbank I, then again encounter similar q's , as instructed I did pick "notify rn" instead of "stop the iv" and surprisingly i got it wrong. Thus, I emailed the Kaplan Nclex expert and she emailed me the rationale however it was contradictory from the first instructor's. In hope to shed some light on my end I would like to ask all of you here. ( Nclex wise) Can lvn/ pn dc Ivs,Blood transfusions showing reaction and the likes? Everybody feel free to share your inputs! Thanks in advance!
  8. Dcmom

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    Hmmmm... These makes me wonder whether Kaplan content will be enough for my liking. Since you purchase another source to supplement your content review. I know you said that the book did not quite fit for you, so what about the videos? TIA.
  9. Dcmom

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    So how does it work really? Do they tell you what to do daily? Or give you a strict outline to do each day? When do you exactly read the book and watch the videos? Isn't it the qbank needed to be last? Do they require you to devote a cerrain # of hours? Sorry for the ignorance, but I really wanna know how it works and make sure I can go through it before signing up. Just like you I have two babies and a stay home mom, husband work full time but unlike you, I have no mother or anybody to leave my kids even just for few hours. Just so you know your situation resembles a lot like mine. Lol. Good luck to us!😊
  10. Dcmom

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    Thanks so much for these.. I have a few q's on my mind that were just answered by your posts. Btw, I plan to purchase it at the end of this month (hopefully) however I won't be able to do the live class, probably the "anywhere" is what I'm going for and it may be just as good. I didn't like the fact that they only provide E-Book for I am not a fan and too techie person. Where did you happen to buy the actual book? Was it the latest edition? I will definitely be needing one soon. I try searching online unfortunately got no luck finding one. Please let me know. Thank you!
  11. Dcmom

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    Dafishman, did kaplan give you a review book along with the review?
  12. Dcmom

    nclex times 3....read please

    Congrats nurse! Did you find the kaplan video hepful with content?
  13. Dcmom

    How I Passed the NCLEX: Summer 2014 w/ NCLEX Book Review

    Congrats! Nursenelly24, did the Kaplan video for content helpful
  14. Dcmom

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    Thank you. Please do.
  15. Dcmom

    My Kaplan Journey Nclex-PN

    Hi, I would like to know how you liking the video content of Kaplan so far? Do you find it helpful?
  16. Dcmom


    Congrats! Did you also used the Kaplan video for content?