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  1. blue82

    Second Career Nurse Roll Call

    BS in Environmental Engineering
  2. blue82

    How much do you make 2016

    $25-30 per/hr in NYC
  3. blue82

    Fast track LPN to RN programs in NYC

    Associate or BSN?
  4. Hello...in the verge of moving to another state and in need of help with the transferring process. I already filed online with nursys...what else do i have to do? thanks in advance
  5. blue82

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    NYC $25/hr
  6. blue82


    hospitals rarely hire LPN anymore...nursing homes are the way to go.
  7. blue82

    LPN to Rn in northern schools Nj

    may have to inquiry as well...thanks
  8. blue82

    Attention New Nurses in LTC. Night shift is where it's at.

    currently work the 11-7 am shift (per diem) as well and i find that it works in my familiar...only thing is it messes up my sleeping pattern since i also have a full-time day job.
  9. blue82


    wow...please watch your back and continue to do what you know is right.
  10. blue82

    Second career LPN

    I decided to take that route because most of the BSN school or ADN school in my area have a extremely long waiting list... at this point i don't regret it because i obtain some nursing experience and i can use it as a credit, once i decide to go back from BSN or ADN.
  11. blue82

    Second career LPN

    i have my MPA and then went back for my LPN.....i decided i wanted to get my foot in door and decided to get my LPN before my RN since my background is non-nursing.
  12. blue82

    Cochran School of Nursing 2015

    i thought they offered an evening program?
  13. blue82

    Starting pay(per visit) for per diem agency NYC(LPN)

    for what agency and its per visit and not working in a actual LTC
  14. blue82

    St Paul's School of Nursing

    yeah mildred elley is the best...curious to know if St. Paul is better.
  15. blue82

    Tips for a new lpn a a LTC Facility

    i'm trying to learn as i go...i'm a brand new nurse working the 11 to 7 shift....its challenging but up for the challenge....i think the hardest part is gaining the cna's respect and support....how do i adjust?
  16. i just finished my two week orientation at a local LTC in my area....rumors have it that my LTC is one of the hardest facility within the area. Next weekend, i will be on my own for the first time working the 3rd shift.....any advice????