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  1. blue82

    LPN to Rn in northern schools Nj

    may have to inquiry as well...thanks
  2. blue82

    Attention New Nurses in LTC. Night shift is where it's at.

    currently work the 11-7 am shift (per diem) as well and i find that it works in my familiar...only thing is it messes up my sleeping pattern since i also have a full-time day job.
  3. blue82

    jersey college lpn to rn program

    really...what's your experience??
  4. blue82

    study checklist for passing NCLEX-RN

    Thank you for taking your time out....I'm going to change a few things to reflect the long exam but it shouldn't be much.....thanks again.
  5. Love this...congrats!!!
  6. blue82

    Prioritization Principles

    Joan is far i signed up for Strategy one and is SATA, Pharm, Psych.....have you also signed up for the fb group....i love it!!!
  7. blue82

    St. Paul's School of Nursing - Spring 2015

    wow 40-50K is pretty high just for an you know if program has been accrediated yet?
  8. blue82

    St. Paul School of Nursing

    No...looking into Jersey college of nursing or montifore still uneasy about the school.
  9. blue82

    Jersey college nursing school

    Anything new?
  10. blue82

    jersey college lpn to rn program

    I check with admission two weeks and still no new update on the evening program.....please keep us updated if you hear anything else.
  11. blue82

    PVT For New Nclex PN

    Look into Nurse Project nclex...this may help
  12. blue82

    Jersey College School of Nursing

    thanks...i wonder about the one in Teterboro....are you currently still enrolled?
  13. blue82

    Needing some serious advice

    Google nurse project.....and email Joan she might be able to help
  14. blue82

    My schedule for next 3weeks

    Who is Joan again....I might be interested
  15. blue82

    My schedule for next 3weeks

    questiono day...consist of 90 minute sessions per a day plus going over the rationales...right??