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mommyof2Tees's Latest Activity

  1. mommyof2Tees

    Interview dress code

    Don't forget to send a "thank you" for the interview letter. All the best to you.
  2. mommyof2Tees

    Lpn /Lvn per hour starting pay

    Here you go... https://allnurses.com/lpn-lvn-corner/2013-lpn-pay-893239.html
  3. mommyof2Tees

    Helene Fuld NYC Entrance Exam

    Very good! When do the Chem/math classes start?
  4. mommyof2Tees

    Helene Fuld NYC Entrance Exam

    Oh good. I am still gathering all my info that is needed (transcripts etc.) So does this mean you will be starting HF?
  5. mommyof2Tees

    Helene Fuld NYC Entrance Exam

    Hi Miazion, How did the entrance exam go?
  6. mommyof2Tees

    I Passed The NCLEX PN 2/11/13

  7. mommyof2Tees

    Helene Fuld Info.

    Indxtc112 - Congratulations on becoming an RN!! And thank you so much for taking the time to post this!
  8. mommyof2Tees

    lpn study guide refresher

    I stumbled across this site....NAPNES Approved LPN/LVN Refresher Course
  9. mommyof2Tees

    Help with a difficult Resident

    What did your supervisors or administrators say when you told them?
  10. mommyof2Tees

    helene fuld, placement exam, pre-entrance exam

    Congrats on passing your exam. I hope to one day take this exam and pass too.
  11. I would also add know your lab values. And YES! do as many practice questions when you can. Stay positive you will do just fine! Keep us posted. All the best to you!
  12. mommyof2Tees

    Passed my NCLEX - 2nd Try!!!

  13. mommyof2Tees

    Interview tomorrow! Second guessing my outfit :-(

    You have an awesome husband!!! We hope all went well. Keep us posted!!
  14. mommyof2Tees

    I passed nclexpn!

  15. mommyof2Tees

    Interview tomorrow! Second guessing my outfit :-(

    Invest in an interview outfit. Not being negative, but you might need to wear it a few times. I agree with other posters. Dress pants and blouse is nice or a dress suit. You want to "WOW" them on your interview. You can even try Marshalls or TJ Maxx they're not too expensive. All the best to you.
  16. mommyof2Tees

    Inspiration For New Lpn Grads