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  1. Lordswill

    Studied for 6 days, passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions

    This was the only post I found like this. It was good to read being that I did not do much studying either. I did not have the I don't care attitude because I really did. But my thoughts were that I didn't believe it was months worth of review I could do to prepare me for the NCLEX. I would not say this is for everyone but it worked for me and I'm glad I did it. I'm a RN now and the NCLEX is behind me. Thanks for your post.:D:thumbup:
  2. Lordswill

    Failing class

    Have either of you tried using NCLEX books like Saunders instead of your text books?
  3. Lordswill

    I Passed! My story...

  4. Lordswill

    Pearson Vue Trick

    Its worked for too many people for it not to work for you. Celebrate! !!!!!! You deserve it
  5. Lordswill

    2014 Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) Poll

    Good pop up =pass for me. It really works
  6. Lordswill

    Pearson Vue Trick

    Found out today. Its official. I am a RN!!!!!
  7. Lordswill

    Got the good pop up

    Its a great resource to me. Between that and Hurst questions it just made me feel like I was taking another practice test when I took the NCLEX. I gave all the tests that I completed my undivided attention to help me with making the decision to take the exam so soon.
  8. Lordswill

    NCLEX Kaplan Tips-My story

    Congrats :thumbup:
  9. Lordswill

    I Passed The NCLEX PN 2/11/13

    Congrats! !!!!!
  10. Lordswill

    Testing in 4hrs

    Good luck :thumbup:
  11. Lordswill

    NCLEX Resources that are identical to the NCLEX RN exam

    Yes .... definitely PDA
  12. Lordswill

    NCLEX Resources that are identical to the NCLEX RN exam

    Hurts and nclex 4000
  13. Lordswill

    Just took the NCLEX-RN 2014

  14. Lordswill

    Nclex tomorrow! Please pray for me

    Awsome. Congrats!
  15. Lordswill

    Pearson Vue Trick

  16. Lordswill

    NCLEX Study Tips Requested Please


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