Forget All Other Nclex Study Plans!!

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    Hi everyone,

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I felt compelled to post about this. My best friend, who had to take the NCLEX 3 times, called me this morning to say she finally passed. What was the difference this time versus the last two? I insisted that she follow Suzanne's study plan! For some reason she didn't take me seriously the first two times I told her to do it, but after feeling so bummed out the second time she failed, she took my advice. So after 7 months of trying and paying a total of $600, she is an RN.

    By the way, my friend did Kaplan the first time, and a mix of other questions from various other sources, but still had to take the test 3 times. I did NOT do Kaplan; I only followed Suzanne's study plan, and I saved a lot of money that way because she does not charge anything for her advice, she does it out of the kindness of her heart!

    Suzanne, my friend is so grateful to you, and so am I, for helping me pass, and helping my best friend, who can now graduate on time with the rest of us. You're awesome!
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    Congrats to your friend!
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    glad to hear...........
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    Congratulations to both of you all.
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    What is the study plan?
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    Yes, inquiring minds want to know..
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    DebbieLynne and Skittlez go to the top of the forum page called "First tip of my new study guide". Suzanne explains the first tip and you can pm her to get more information.

    I believe that she has a 100% success rate. Yes, she rocks!
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    I also used Suzannes 4's plan and when I finished I had extra time so....I used Kaplan Trainer CD for extra questions. I passed w/75 1st time! Thanks Suzanne!
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    That's the coolest thing Ive heard in a minute. Thats why I love this website!
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    I've heard so much about Suzanne's plan. I'm curious about it. Many have been successful with it.

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