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  1. The thing that turns me away from UX is all the programs I've looked at seem to only focus on design, whereas I'm more interested in the UX Research side.
  2. Hi Lisa, Thanks so much! I've narrowed my choices down to a few informatics programs. But now I'm also getting interested in UX research, since I do a lot of pt education and am always looking for ways to make pt education materials more usable for my pts. I'm at a large HMO and there are people at headquarters with the UX Researcher title. I'm just having a hard time getting a hold of them to learn more and see if that's a better fit for me. I guess I could do certificate programs in both informatics and UX 😃
  3. Hi all, I already have an MSN (focus in public health) and have been thinking about getting into informatics. Since I already have an MSN, do I need to do another one specifically in informatics or is it OK to just do a certificate program? My BA is in Technical Writing. Thanks! Pinky
  4. Just wondering how those who've graduated since this thread first started -- I'd love to hear updates on the job front from grads of this WGU program, thanks!
  5. NTPinky

    Is the BC-ADM worth it?

    Hi all, I'm an RN, MSN and have had my CDE since June 2010. I'm interested in testing for the BC-ADM certificate but I'd like to hear from others who have it. Is it worth it? Did new doors open for you after getting certified? The testing fee is expensive so I want to weigh the pros and cons. Thanks! Linda
  6. Hi all, I'm an RN, MSN, CDE (certified diabetes educator) in California and I want to market my skills as a consultant. Some ideas I've had: Becoming a CEU provider, conducting diabetes-related courses. Video/phone diabetes management (for patients) or video/phone advice for providers in rural areas. Independent consultant for clinics, providing advice for managing pts, and/or developing curricula/job aides for physicians/nurses. I also speak Spanish and would like to help Latino patients, either directly or by providing guidelines to clinicians on caring for this specific pt population. I'm just brainstorming here. Not sure if these ideas are feasible, where and how to start, etc. I'd love to get some guidance/suggestions. Thanks so much! Linda
  7. NTPinky

    Questions about becoming a CDE

    The Core Curriculum is no longer published, unfortunately.
  8. NTPinky

    AADE Core Curriculum no longer available?

    I already checked that site.
  9. NTPinky

    Need IV Cert class in Bay Area..help

    I found the link to Nurse Education Workshops: http://www.new-cpr.com/ Thanks!
  10. NTPinky

    Need IV Cert class in Bay Area..help

    I've been looking for the same classes for quite a while, and I only find ones available in Southern CA.
  11. NTPinky

    Need Honest Opinion -- Would You Recommend Nursing?

    I'd say "no" as well. More importance is placed on charting than actually caring for patients, and I'm sorry to say that there are many nurses out there with horrible attitudes who make life very unpleasant for everyone else, at least in my experience. And considering the many stresses of our work, we are DESPERATELY underpaid.
  12. I've been trying to find the Core Curriculum for purchase, but haven't had any luck. Did they stop publishing it?
  13. Hi Suzanne, Right now I have some seniority, but only over other per diems, and they can let me go whenever they want, though for the next couple of months I'm probably safe. The hospital administration's end goal; however, is to keep just one RN in each outpatient clinic. They have already announced plans to make another round of drastic cuts in June, and I'm probably going to be hit in that round.
  14. Interesting turn of events today... The medical director of the clinic today asked me to let her know asap if I get another job. I told her my situation and that I wasn't planning to leave. She said, "Good, because we're going to need you a lot more." (Because they're reassigning 5 RNs to inpatient units, but they can keep per diems like me for now.) And then I got a voicemail at home from a nurse mgr from a diabetes center at another major hospital in SF. It's a position I had applied for weeks ago, and I thought it was a long shot since I don't have the 2 yrs of acute experience listed in the job ad. I'll call her tomorrow! I'm just nervous that, as Suzanne said in one of her replies, that this hospital will cut staffing due to decreased census thanks to the economic crisis. I'll keep you all posted. And thanks for the support and information.
  15. Wow, quite a few responses since my last post! The latest postings I've seen for LTC facilities were for LVNs. Seems they hire very few RNs and more LVNs because it's cheaper. I'll keep looking though, of course. I've seen new grad programs available in Southern CA lately, but they pay much less there (curious since the cost of living isn't much cheaper). I get very conflicting opinions about selling myself as a new grad vs. not. I do a lot at the clinic, including managing gestational diabetic pts, triage, and even training more experienced RNs. And I don't understand the rationale behind hiring someone fresh out of school vs. someone like me. As for ratios, I hear they get violated all the time. There is no such thing as break relief for inpatient RNs at my hospital, and the only one I know of in SF that for sure has break relief RNs is Kaiser. My friends who do inpatient at other hospitals are often asked to cover for another RN while he/she is at lunch. Isn't that technically breaking the ratio? If I knew then what I know now, I think I'd have gone to medical school instead. Only reason I didn't is because I wasn't sure if I'd like the healthcare field and didn't want to end up in debt paying for something I didn't even enjoy. And here I am in a field I like but constantly worrying about job security. And to top it off, I found out today that one of my high-risk pts and her baby died When it rains it pours!
  16. Yes js408, I feel like we're in a depression too. I work at a public (county) hospital though, so I would think we'd see MORE patients as those who can't afford insurance due to job losses will be turning to our hospital. County officials are still planning to cut outpatient RNs though (replacing us with medical assistants) and they've already gotten rid of most of the LVNs (inpatient and outpatient). I don't understand it but no one seems to care what nurses' concerns are. Getting back to my original post/question though, I started experiencing my particular job problem way before the current economic crisis came about.