After 4 times....Thank you!

  1. thank you, lord!

    i took my test on wednesday at 8am...after being there for the full six hours and after completing the 265 questions, i felt exhausted. now the real anxiety began, the waiting game. i could not bring myself to do the pvt trick, so i decided to forget about it. i was too nervous.

    today, at church, i asked the lord to give me strength to accept whatever the results were and courage to find out.

    i am very happy to share with you that i passed, and i am now officially a registered nurse!
    i am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the lord, to my family, friends, and you my fellow nursing community! thank you for all your kind, encouraging words, and support!

    congratulations to those who have passed and to future nclex takers, i wish you success!!

    "for i know the plans i have for you," declares the lord. "plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future." ~jeremiah 29:11
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    Your story gives me hope. I am getting ready to take it for the 5th time. How did you study? How long did you study? What materials did you use to study? Congratulations. This is the greatest Christmas present for you! Again I am so happy for you. Enjoy your Christmas Miss RN.:spin::reindeer:
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    that is amazing news! congratulations to you!!!! what a wonderful christmas present

    did you say that you took your NCLEX on wednesday and got the results today? what state are you from? i took my NCLEX on thursday and have yet to see my name on the board... although i tried the PVT and got the "good popup", i still don't want to rely on it until i see my name on the BRN. i am from california btw.
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    Ki Karla...,
    I'm so happy for you... you finally passed...after all, god is good and merciful.. he knows our needs... Congrats...what a relief... thanks GOD..
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    Glory be to God and Congrats !!!!
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    All glory be to God, congratulations and may His mercy never depart from you.
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    Success stories are so heart warming! Congrats to you!!! You made it, you did it, your an RN!!!!