75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

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    I see lots of posts about passing or failing with 75 questions, just curious what the stats are. I would like to think that nursing school prepares us enough that those who get 75 are mostly passing?

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  2. Poll: 75 Questions on NCLEX-- Did you Pass or fail?

    • Pass

      84.68% 3,559
    • Fail

      15.32% 644
    4203 Votes
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    Of course, I thought I failed.

    When I took LPN Boards, did it the old fashioned way of paper and pencil/wait 6 weeks for "The Letter".

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    Those of us who take the NCLEX-PN exam receive a minimum of 85 questions. I received the minimum and passed.

    The NCLEX-RN has a minimum of 75 questions.
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    I also thought I had failed...shut off at 75. Went with a friend who also was taking her boards the same day..she also shut off at 75 (and passed). Even went so far as to call my nurse manager (I was a PCA on the floor while in nursing school) and told her to remove me from the list for nursing orientation...thankfully she did not listen, for I had passed.
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    It means you really really passed, or you really really failed. I think the test is designed to give you more leeway if you aren't doing well; to give you an opportunity to work off your test anxiety, etc.

    So I think that it is MORE likely to give you more questions if you aren't doing well and LESS likely to if you prove yourself.

    Most people that stop at 75 pass is my understanding.

    I'm just glad I took the paper test.

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    75 questions-turned off...I thought I was going to vomit. I truly felt like I had to guess on each question.
    The rest of the day was ridden with anxiety and fear.
    I passed!
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    75 for me and passed in March
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    Took 75 questions tuesday and passed today.
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    Thanks for the input everyone, this has been very helpful and comforting during the process.
    I just realised I forgot to vote in my own poll after I found out?! hehe. But it was nice to boost up the "passed" precentage!
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    85% pass the first time that they take the exam.
    So that means that 15% will need to take it again.

    The number of questions that you get has no bearing on telling you if you passed or did not pass. I get quite a few e-mails and pms from those that did not pass with 75, as well as those that passed with 265. The number is just that, a number. Too much focus is placed on that, and too many ulcers are created.
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