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Justhere has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Justhere

    Circumcision at change of shift?

    Do you work at my hospital? We have a doc that loves to come right at shift change to to do circs. They just call us on the phone and say, I'll be there in 10 minutes please set all my babies up for circs. Then we have to scramble around and get ...
  2. Justhere

    Hesi :(

    If you have any kind of NCLEX CDs that have questions you can answer. My class had to do the ATI testing all the way through and then they sprung the HESI on us for our final test. But doing all those practice test for the ATI I think help me get re...
  3. Justhere

    The Patients Who Break Your Heart

    Oh I about cried so many times reading these stories. I have told my story so much about the little boy I use to take care of and wrote the article My Little Mandona (translation "Bossy"). But it is so touching to read how everyone has been touched...
  4. Justhere

    Passing out in the OR....

    I passed out in a Vets office. Yes my poor doggy had a boil on his back and the vet had to drain it. Needless to say I was feeling faint and wanted to go sit in the chair but my mother stopped me and told me I needed to help hold the dog. I looked...
  5. Justhere

    I cant take nursing anymore

    I don't think even the managers can change the process. We now have a Manager over our unit manager, and she is not even a nurse. I believe she was a speech pathologist or something like that, and she is the one now telling us how to do our jobs. ...
  6. Justhere

    My Little Mandona

    Thanks choosier for the comment. I so appreciate them all.
  7. It is weird what can push us to find our career. Mine was the St. Jude's Research Hospital Hour long commercial where they tell you storys of the children that have cancer, and they go through the ones that make it and the ones that don't and want y...
  8. Justhere

    Proper notice

    If your life is in danger, get out immediately. Explain to your manager and on any future job resumes you need to put why you left in such an abrupt manner. If it is not life threatening then you need to try and work out your two weeks. Had a fri...
  9. Justhere

    Stress related near breakdown

    I've been in this situation before where I was just so stressed out, burned out and didn't care if I got in my car and pulled out in front of a eighteen wheeler or not. The best thing for me was to switch jobs. I found a less stressful enviroment, ...
  10. When will we know who the winners are this time Brian. Thanks.
  11. Justhere

    Hypoglycemia In The Newborn

    Our unit checks every baby that is admitted with a heel stick Accu check. We have had several babies since I've started working here that the mother didn't have any diabetes gestational or otherwise that would not hold their sugar up and we ended up...
  12. Justhere

    My Little Mandona

    Thanks Grace. I think he was a blessing that I needed.
  13. Justhere

    My Little Mandona

    Thanks Sabby. I enjoy talking about him and sharing his story.
  14. Justhere

    make new post?

    At the top of the threads is a button Just push it and then it will ask you what your title is, just like you made this one. Now if you are not a premium member and are in a premium site it will not let you post a message at the bottom of the topic...
  15. Justhere

    My Little Mandona

    Thank you P_RN, they do become very special to you when you take care of them for so long. My kids loved him as much as I did. They still talk about him, and anytime they see a Sponge Bob toy they point it out and say "Baby would have liked that one ...