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Hey fellow men in nursing! I'm a student about to graduate nursing school this May and a hospital CNA of 5 years. I just want to stoke up some camaraderie about those annoying female conversations... Read More

  1. by   exit96
    Quote from suanna
    I talk about my kids, my grandkids, my cat, my dog, my spouse at work all the time... but I have a penis. Since I am male, is it less annoying to you that I share what is important in my life with my friends, colleagues and peers, or should I seek gender reassignment so I will at least have the right plumbing to discuss these annoying topics? What would you prefer as a topic- the current "sweet 16" basketball brackets, the best place to pick up girls...? If you aren't that intrested in this conversation- odds are it isn't being directed at you. Did you consider maybe some of your annoying female (and male) co-workers find your topics of choice less than fascinating. Personaly I love hearing and sharing cute toddler stories.
    My opinion has always been; it's not necessarily the "topic" unless it's your only topic everyday. It's just as annoying when it's coming from a male.
  2. by   exit96
    Quote from vanessaem
    I don't think there are "males only", "females only", "African Americans only" threads allowed on this site. So just like the OP has to deal with "female" conversations while working among predominately females, you will have have to deal with all the females chiming in.

    I suppose if the OP had more of an amen corner among the women posting, this wouldn't be a problem.
    Not to beat a dead horse but, the opening line is addressed to "Men in Nursing." Not sure how this can be twisted to look or sound like anything but that...
  3. by   elijahvegas
    Attention everyone, i would just like to take this opportunity to say

  4. by   Esme12
    Quote from elijahvirgo
    Attention everyone, i would just like to take this opportunity to say

    Can't live with us can't live without us.
  5. by   la_chica_suerte85
    Dude, this is how females, esp. when their clocks start ticking, work. My partner never thought she would want children of her own but then...tick...tick...tick...TICK...TICK...TICK...T ICK. It happened quick and it's all she wants to talk about and it kind of makes me a little batty. She sounds like the other females I go to school and work with who have children. It's their whole world. You can either listen and smile and nod or excuse yourself. Eventually she'll get the drift that 23 yo guys don't really care about talking about those kinds of things.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    You are only offended or annoyed if you choose to be. Yep it's a choice. Tune it out and walk away. That's all.
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  8. by   elijahvegas
    Quote from Esme12
    Can't live with us can't live without us.
    wouldn't have it any other way haha
  9. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    Before I became a nurse, I worked in a predominately female environment where popular conversation topics included hair, celebrities, celebrity hair, Flava Flav and his many reality show spin-offs, ghetto gossip, and The Bible.

    I don't mind conversations about kids, but I hate it when the topic turns to breastfeeding, potty training, or childbirth stories. I'm also not a fan of NASCAR, hunting, or fishing.
  10. by   mrnightinggale
    Quote from Mr. Murse
    ...Look at it as an opportunity to get a better glimpse of how the mind of a woman works. Ha. Very few men have the chance to see and hear the conversations we do sometimes.
    Like this can be solved!
  11. by   lost soul
    we are people and talk about what we are thinking. You have to use those peopple skills.

    I try to keep things mostly about work, especially when those boring or redundant topic come up.

    Also, and this is a big one, there are 2 kinds of nurses. There are the pros, and the ones who are just there to get paid. Be a pro, and act like a pro. Nursing is a profession, and needs to be treats as such. Try your best to avoid the ones who are not pros.
  12. by   GaPeach_
    Women are Always gonna be women. Men are Always gonna be men. There's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. If you can't beat them you join them!
  13. by   joshsc
    I agree with caliotter3 - Just excuse yourself for what ever reason.