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  1. seriouslyserious

    Selecting A Nursing School, Part 1

    and not a damn thing about the HESI in that...
  2. seriouslyserious

    Western Governors University (WGU) Readiness Assessment

    did you folks do anything to prepare for the "Readiness Assessment"? how simple/difficult is the thing? i may enroll here for the rn-bsn program. thanks ~!
  3. seriouslyserious

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2011

    i did... however, it is wordy... i emailed the program manager but she has yet to respond.
  4. seriouslyserious

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2011

    anybody in here attending with a prior degree? i have a ****** GPA from my bachelor in business, but at a 3.8 with their listed "prerequisites". from what i understand (per admin. assistant) , it is prerequisites only? i do not trust these office workers...
  5. seriouslyserious

    Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    current... i want to know what a competitive TEAS score is, in a sense. also, did you apply? what did you score? (if you do not mind me asking...
  6. seriouslyserious

    Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    those who were accepted, what did you score on the TEAS? overall?
  7. seriouslyserious

    pre-admissions exams, similiarities...

    well... i finished studying my "generic" pre-admissions exam study guide. i was wondering, how similar these pre-entrance tests are? the TEAS, RNET, HESI, KAPLAN, etc... i applied for (approx.) 20 campuses and i have to take (4) different exams prior to admissions. anybody done similar? i purchased (1) for the TEAS, HESI, and my generic book. does each exam focus on a certain aspects/topics than another?
  8. after reading... i still am unsure what exactly approved vs. accreditation is. once i finish this program at Concorde Career institute... will i able able to travel to another state to further my education? BSN, MSN, etc...? also, is this program only recognized in Florida.
  9. seriouslyserious

    waiting lists in Florida

    i am from California... basically, almost every campus has a wait list OR not even accepting any applications due to the amount of applications. how is Florida looking?
  10. seriouslyserious

    interviews prior to acceptance

    what campuses are requiring an interview prior to being accepted into their program... i basically, know WHY i want to become a nurse, WHY i changed careers, etc... but when they ask me "why did you choose this campus" because it was the first 1 i could get into? is not a great answer huh... LoL... help? what type of questions will be asked... thanks in advance.
  11. seriouslyserious

    low GPA different major

    thanks for the posts... yeah. besides the ©, my "nursing" prerequisites have been flawless.
  12. seriouslyserious

    low GPA different major

    Thanks in advance for assistance/advice~! My situation: I currently hold a Bachelors' in Business and completed all science (pre-nursing) prerequisites at a local (California) community college. I received (1) C... while (A's) in other courses. To complicate issues, my Bachelors GPA totally suck (2.0 status). I ultimately want an MSN; but given the situation, a direct route is not possible. Anybody in here transitioning from another major? What was your GPA when accepted?
  13. seriouslyserious

    difference emt and nurse

    As far as skill sets, are there differences between the knowledge of a nurse vs. an EMT (first responder)? If so, what are they? Is it necessary to obtain a license in both? Basically, can I manage a patient/victim similarly with either/or education? I am in school for nursing, however... I want to be -prepared-. Do/Should i need a EMT certification? Thanks, I appreciate it.
  14. seriouslyserious


    thanks for the input... keep them coming.
  15. seriouslyserious


    Hi... Thanks in advance for reading. Will be finished with prerequisites as of summer 2010... What type of certifications do YOU recommend I attain... prior to a "nursing license". =) I appreciate it. A.E.D. certified 1st Aid: BLS ALS ACLS or greater / CPR certified An EMT class