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  1. seriouslyserious

    3 time NCLEX Taker - HELP

    how long did it take you to do this? that thing is massive... like nursing school all over again.
  2. seriouslyserious

    nursing school vs nursing job

    you don't have to like nursing (in general)... all you need to do is competently treat your patient and keep them alive until the next nurse arrives or they are discharged. it is a means to an end (a paycheck). do the bare minimum... this is what REAL WORLD nursing is about... per this forum and my experience in school. did i get that right? LoL
  3. seriouslyserious

    Who else thinks that this is unfair?

    meant to include... if the minimum passing grade was 80%... hope that makes sense.
  4. seriouslyserious

    Professors fail everyone?

    i was studying... back to the grind... good day/night.
  5. seriouslyserious

    Cali. RN License Still Not Posted

    congrats~! you live down the street from me... anyway, i need an ATT.... turned in my application last month. they said, 8-12 weeks... i laughed when the recording mentioned something along the lines of "if you call and inquire about your application, it might delay the process..."
  6. seriouslyserious

    Professors fail everyone?

    anybody want a hug?
  7. seriouslyserious

    Scheduled Boards (Again) ADVICE!

    see bold... also, make sure you devote time to grasping the content from the hurst review... listen to it 2-3 times, if you must.
  8. seriouslyserious

    Professors fail everyone?

    don't you nurses have people to save... and the students... exams to study for?
  9. seriouslyserious

    WANTED: NCLEX RN Study partner/group in Los Angeles

    i am in
  10. seriouslyserious

    NCLEX RN study partner in LA

    where abouts in Los Angeles? i am around the corner...
  11. seriouslyserious

    Who else thinks that this is unfair?

    taking a break from my NCLEX studies... this is what i had post a couple months back. "i'm not sure how to articulate this, but here it goes. i either read this here or a faculty member disclosed this. they implemented the HESI to keep borderline students from continuing their nursing education. this means, the 80% grade student (prior to the HESI) fails because the HESI brought their grade down to a 79.9%. ultimately, a college/university/etc... is a business. from what i remember, there are statistics correlating NCLEX passing rates and campuses. these figures dictate their accreditation, enrollment, etc... i'm not sure how much (if any) relation there is between the HESI and NCLEX. i know people assume they reflect one another."
  12. seriouslyserious

    california nclex-ERs

    hello... so i went on breeze (https://www.breeze.ca.gov/) and completed the application... did the live scan option and paid the 150.00 for an ATT... how long does it take for them to respond? did this last week. thanks~! nobody there responds to email or phone calls.
  13. seriouslyserious

    When do you know it's time to give up? :/

    what else do you have going on in your life? the majority of people fail nursing school because of prioritization issues. nursing school is not difficult, but you have to put in time/effort. i am not afraid to admit i am not the brightest person in the world, but i have an indomitable will. i haven't seen family for 4 years, i half-assed a relationship (so that failed), and i quit my job to focus on my studies... nursing school was a full-time job for me. good luck whatever you decide to do... i graduated Summer of 2014. with almost a 4.0 GPA (nursing curriculum)
  14. seriouslyserious

    michael linares simplenursing.com anybody?

    i want to try the pharmacology boot camp. i watched a couple of videos and it's also helped me.
  15. seriouslyserious

    Best Techniques to study Pharmacology for nursing

    Pharmacology sucks... I am grateful this wasn't an actual class, but incorporated into my entire program. I am not sure what advice to give you because the majority of it is memorization/repetition... Try breaking them down into classes and work from there. At least with a disease process, I could make educated guess through questions. Even licensed rns keep medication books lying around. Try adderall or some **** like that... So many people in my program were on brain steroids. I feel cheated... I am kidding. Have a nice day.
  16. seriouslyserious

    Hesi rn exit please help!!

    not talking about the test in general... moreso the abrupt change. especially, 5 weeks prior to ending the term... i know why schools implement these types of test. loving how they sell it as an indicator of how successful you will be when you sit for boards. people who scored well above the recommended minimum still failed the NCLEX. catmom713... use evolve if you have that resource. use that book you bought also... those helped me most when i was in nursing school.