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Hey fellow men in nursing! I'm a student about to graduate nursing school this May and a hospital CNA of 5 years. I just want to stoke up some camaraderie about those annoying female conversations that we, as men and nurses, hear most frequently on our down time at school or work.

I particular colleague of mine in my clinical group, whom I like very much, talks INCESSANTLY about her boyfriends 3 year old girl who she plays mommy to because she does not have children. I'm constantly enlightened with what cute thing the child did this day or how she corrected the child for misbehaving. This fellow student is 27 y/o and is wanting to be married and start a family in the worst way.....I'm 22 and I'm not there yet....

I would never say anything rude to her about this, I just grin and nod.

Has anyone here experienced anything similar?

PS-don't even get me started on my OB/Peds rotation in school.... :p



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Sorry, cannot support you too, much, maybe so twenty years ago when I was your age, but now, I like hearing about my coworker's lives, because by just casual listening, I have an idea of how this may affect there work, mood and dealing with patient's. You are going to encounter this multiple times as a male nurse, you can either go with the flow, or stress yourself and have one more irritent that will ulimately affect your performance later. You chose this field, and be thankful if the converstation is as mellow as the one you discribe. It could be alot worse. You will get better at either just going with the flow, listening passively or taking part.

What do you expect when you're working around mostly women? If you were not interested in the conversations women may have, why choose this profession? There will be women who will talk about their boyfriends, their kids, their husbands, shopping, etc. They are talking about their lives and sorry to say it won't center around maybe the things you would like to hear. It is what it is. At one of my old jobs(pre-nursing days), my department was about 90% men. I had to endure them talking about women, what they did with these women, sports, and the various parts of the male and female anatomy. Since I was around predominately men, it sort of went with the territory. I put my headphones on and tuned them out and went about my work.

If you would like them to talk about things that interest you, perhaps you should start a conversation about more neutral topics. We had male students in our class and we had absolutely no problems talking about a wide variety of topics with them. So either join the conversation and talk about what they're talking about, talk about what you want to talk about, tune them out somehow, or disappear when the boyfriend/husband and kids talk begins. ;)


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When it particularly gets on your nerves, I would just excuse myself and physically move away from the annoying speaker.

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I'm glad to hear she is so fond of that child- it bodes well for her and her boyfriend's future that they may be able to reaise the kid with two parents, rather than one, which is becoming ever more common- for the worse or the better is open to debate.

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Anytime anyone, regardless of gender, talks about anything incessantly I'm going to tune them out and just focus on my own happy thoughts...or change the subject.


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recently I was subjected to listen to a conversation about merkins...(look it up)


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recently I was subjected to listen to a conversation about merkins...(look it up)

Hahaha.... Good lord. Idk about that one.

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What do you expect when you're working around mostly women? If you were not interested in the conversations women may have' date=' why choose this profession? [/quote']

I think that was a *tad* harsh. I'm just saying, when you hear about the same old thing multiple times a day, everyday, it gets a little old. Just looking for a light hearted conversation here, nothing more!

Thank you for your opinion!

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recently I was subjected to listen to a conversation about merkins...(look it up)

I did have to look that one up, I thought it was some kind of spends money on something like that?!

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I find it amusing when male nurse have overly macho conversations. Snowmobiles, hunting, car parts and car repair, guns...



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Merkins - ha!

I'm a woman, and sorry for butting in on the Men in Nursing forum, but I also tune out when coworkers blather about their children (no one cares about your 3yo's potty-training adventures), and frankly I find most "small talk" exhausting anyway. Just wanted to point out that this problem is not limited to men working in "woman-centric" professions.

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