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by littlenurse23

I just got my first RN med-surg position and during the interview she said they don't have any cna's right now?!?!? How can this be?? I took the job because I'm a new grad and I don't have many options....I am nervous about this!!... Read More

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    The ratio will be 4 pt's to one RN unless short staffed she said possibly 5 pt's to one RN...this to me sounds almost ridiculous!!!! I don't know how I can do all my RN duties on top of CNA work?!? It's hard to get into the hospital as a new grad so I'm thankful however, I'm nervous as to how I can perform my job safely :/
    1:4 with no tech is doable. I frequently work in an overflow area where I have 3-4 pts (5 max only if none of the others are step-down status). You just encorporate vital signs and blood sugars into your rounds, and remember to keep track of I&O's. The times I do have a tech they really don't have much to do and they are honestly bored. I do work mainly nights so it is easier to do a small assignment without a tech on nights as opposed to days when you are doing baths
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    I used to work 5-6 with no aides and it is doable.
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    It is definitely doable. It's a really good idea to start working in a SNF, you find out what you can really do! I worked in a SNF w/sub acute patients mixed w/ LTC patients, 30 patients total and I was a new nurse. At 5pm med pass I had to get BS on at least 5-7 patients and inevitably an aid would tell me about someone's B/P that was lower than normal, so I would manually go and take it. If I was outside out a room and the patient needed to use the bathroom, I would take them. I can't forgot that sometimes a patient would fall in the middle of med pass and the RN has to do the assessment, start neuro paperwork- even if they didn't hurt themselves! All while doing a med pass for 29 other patients! You will learn excellent time management skills- it's doable