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  1. workinmomRN2012

    new onset afib

    At the very least the patient should have a monitor on and ideally be on a cardia floor.
  2. workinmomRN2012

    Med passes

    Did I say that I actually said this??? No, I did not! and the fact that you are a nurse and you would report another nurse for "perceived" rudeness says alot about you! Ive seen your type, you come into the hospital because a relative is admitted and scrutinize everything but not lifting a finger to help your family member even when you see that the nurse is overworked and overwhelmed. Sometimes a simple statement, as you said seems very easy to say but when you have 6 to 20 patients, ALL with family members (some with nurse family members) that can clearly read the sign...DO NOT INTERUPT MED PASS and they still interupt you. So yes, it does get frustrating! I think eveyone was just venting and that they dont really say these things out loud only in their head. So get off your high horse!!
  3. workinmomRN2012

    Med passes

    Or "lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part"! In other words, you should have asked all your questions when I was just in your room 5 minutes ago!!
  4. workinmomRN2012

    Bullied as a kinda new nurse

    This nurse has already decided how she is going to interact with you judging by this statement. I would ask to be changed to another preceptor, who knows this could be her first time precepting someone and the manager could be trying to teach her how to precept. I've had that happen to me, when I went to complain about how I was being oriented by this nurse the manager said that the reason that I was paired with her was because i was already a nurse for a few years and she thought that it would be easier on this nurse who had never precepted anyone before. As far as everyone on here (AN) saying that not looking at her when she is talking to you is rude, well I would have to say that what she did by yelling at you in front of everyone far out weighs you looking at the computer. I have found that bully behavior does exist but you will be hard pressed to get anyone to agree with you on this site! Some people will sympathize but ultimately will find fault with whatever you are doing. The nurses that are precepting should know better than a new nurse and if they dont, they should be called out on it...its BULLYING!!!
  5. workinmomRN2012

    Help my first job feels like a nightmares

    It is simple, I learned it and so can you. You need to combine some of the due times to make the med pass manageable. If you have meds due at 11/12/1 do the med pass at 12 and give them at one time, its ok if some are a little early and some are a little late. Remember you can give meds an hour before and up to an hour after due times. If you have meds due at 5/6/7 due med pass at 6, then you get to take care of all 3 at once. Its about being efficient with time management. Like I said before...you will not get as much time with the patients as you thought you would, like in nursing school. In nursing school most of us only had up to 2-3 patients, now you have 20-30 patients. Time management and prioritizing is key!
  6. workinmomRN2012

    Help my first job feels like a nightmares

    Yes, It is normal. To answer your other question about getting your rythm down. LTC's and STR's usually have med passes that are at a certain times. If you work days it would be at 9,12 and 2pm. The evening shift is usually 6 and 9pm. I worked in a facility once that had 25-30 pts and the med pass would take the day nurse 3 hrs, that nurse had poor time management skills. this means that its impossible to spend the amount of time that you you like to with every patient. You will really need to rely on your CNA's, good ones are so crucial to nurses being able to keep it moving.
  7. workinmomRN2012

    Patient fall

    Where their alarms on when you got report at the beginning of your shift? who was the last person to move the patient? I had a similar incident recently and I was not the one that moved the patient to the chair and didn't activate the alarm, a CNA did--so I will not take ownership for the fall. You cant take responsibility for everything, although management says that everything ultimately is the RN's responsibility. If I went along with this train of thought I would be in the psych unit by now.
  8. workinmomRN2012

    Difficulty with coworker

    Yep, I learned this a long time ago...its works beautifully, most of the time. Tell them what you need, dont ask.
  9. workinmomRN2012

    Difficulty with coworker

    Unfortunately you have to say something to her about it being her job. No way around it.
  10. workinmomRN2012

    Being bullied at work

  11. workinmomRN2012

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Starting an IV!!!
  12. workinmomRN2012

    Being bullied at work

    Really!??? To prove my point all you have to do is look at the many posts from the past on bullying here on AN, also their are many types of bully tactics (passive/aggressive behavior) used by nurses to intimidate newer nurses. You would have to be living under a rock not to notice or heard about it. A good majority have been through it. I, myself have caught myself doing it and just maybe you have too.
  13. workinmomRN2012

    Being bullied at work

    As far as the coworkers having an "attitude" towards the newbie..we all know that this is common place in nursing! People on this post acting like its unheard of, we've all been through it. Based on what the OP wrote about their work ethic, I would have to say that they probably dont like the "newbie" because she actually works and she makes them look bad! And.. we are ALL tested when it comes to a new job, I just started a new job 6 months ago and Ive been a RN for 8yrs and one of the nurses decided to talk sh@! about me within ear shot of the room I was in and didn't know I was listening to every word. I "discussed" it with her afterwards and she no longer behaves this way and now we get along just fine.
  14. workinmomRN2012

    Being bullied at work

    Get out while you still have your license intact! If there is an incident with one of your patients through not fault of your own, you can bet that they will throw you under the bus quicker than you can say..I QUIT!!
  15. workinmomRN2012

    Is this discrimination?

  16. workinmomRN2012


    There should be a "love" button too. Pixierose, love this post!!!

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