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  1. littlenurse23

    This made me mad when I saw it.

    wow! they want a bachelors degree for that job? you have got to be kidding me!!!!!! sounds like a medical assistants job which is usually a 1 year program and they typically get more than $10 i'd say closer to $13 but again that's for a medical assistant with a 1 year tech certificate not an applicant with a bachelors degree! sheesh.
  2. littlenurse23

    ATI comprehensive predictor

    i just took the predictor exam by ati. i did well, it says i have a 99% probability of passing nclex the first time. my individual adjusted score was 82. however, many of the questions that were on it were specifically reviewed during the ati review course that i took so i felt like they were give away questions... like some of it was just too easy. has anyone taken this predictor exam? of course despite my good score i plan to still study a lot. right now i'm doing about 50 questions a day and reading the rationales. i've heard i should be doing 100 a day but that just seems like a lot. of course some days i have time for more than 50 and other days less than 50. thoughts? tips? suggestions?
  3. littlenurse23

    New Grad Nurse Dilemma. Please help.

    omg take the job! i know a ton of new grads that would kill for any position in the hospital!!! it is very unlikely that you will get your dream job as a new grad. you are lucky to have this offer trust me!!! in my area the hospitals get tons of new grad applicants and take a very small select few. this is really a good opportunity i would not turn it down!
  4. littlenurse23

    New Excelsior Limitations

    keep this in mind, there is a reason certain states do not accept excelsior as an approved program. unless excelsior is your only option i strongly recommend attending a real college. not trying to put down anyone's plan just saying that there really is a good reason why it isn't accepted everywhere.

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