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I still hold doors for women. I once held the door for the female students after class was over. Boy, that took a long time!... Read More

  1. by   Lordday
    I'm kind of slow this morning, but does "holding the door" mean holding it open for the person behind you as you enter, or holding the door open and stepping to the side so the woman can enter first? Unless its a woman I know personally, or a woman who is older, struggling with a package, etc. I no longer hold the door and step aside so she can enter first. I was raised to do it that way but in my early 20's noticed that very often when a man makes that gesture for a woman - particularly attractive women and most particularly young, attractive women, they won't even make eye contact or say "thank you". Either they think you're trying to hit on them, or they think being young and attractive means they should be rude in the face of courtesy. So while I personally hold the door as I enter for anyone, male or female, I no longer do the "Step aside, ladies enter first" routine unless I'm dealing with a woman who looks as if she really needs it.
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  2. by   mspontiac
    I'm dumbfounded at how many gentlemen here say that women either don't say a simple "thank you," or they give them heck for it. Really??? Jeez o' Pete, what barnyard are these people raised in that they don't recognize common courtesy? I always hold the door for people behind me, and it really burns me when people just accept the gesture and don't say "thank you." Generally that will trigger me to say loudly, "You're welcome!!" That usually gets their attention.

    From all of us ladies, thank you for holding our doors and having manners!
  3. by   dingoatemebaby
    A gentleman would hold the door for anyone. It seems like manners and common courtesy have been going out the window for quite some time!
  4. by   oklahomagal
    Guys I am also a very appreciative lady. Thank you on behalf of the jack a$$'s out there. LOL Please keep making our day by holding the door.
    Personally I am a door holder too. :-)
  5. by   CJMR
    I too notice a lot of women will walk right through without even acknowledging the person who held the door for her. So weird. I don't care who it is or how many people are walking through at once, I always say thank you. I say it extra loud & friendly if a little boy is holding the door for me. I just think that is the cutest thing.
  6. by   oneaware
    Yeah, I do. I'll hold the door for men as well if they are present. I never much cared when someone had a problem with chivalry.
  7. by   Loque
    I also hold the door open for anyone, regardless of sex, color, whatever.

    It's pretty much an automatic response for me. I don't expect anything in return or any acknowledgment. It's sort of like me in my head saying "Well, I'm already here, and there's this person behind me, so why not?"
  8. by   rebelgirl#1
    I hold the door open. I figure it is a nice gesture for one and all. My husband holds and lets people come through. Old men say Thanks and get the door so my husband can catch up with me. Young guys walk through. Most women say Thanks.
  9. by   Chemistry Sux
    It's just good manners. Hold the door until somone else grabs it.
  10. by   exit96
    Best way to get a look at their butt :-)
  11. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    I hold doors for men or women. When they don’t say thank-you, I generally speak up with “You’re Welcome!” Then I get the “thank-you.”
    It’s all about training people on how to be polite.
  12. by   IEDave
    Did it this afternoon at my CNA information session - almost didn't get a seat in the lecture hall because of it!

    ----- Dave
  13. by   2mint
    I usually like to step in then hold the door from the inside so it's easier to pass the torch to the next dude, but for the ladies, I usually hold the door from the outside.

    Yes, I do it for both sexes. When I was younger it was about common courtesy.
    Now I can't help but notice that it is really about being "the final arbiter of all things."

    Case in point: look at all the Bond movies, when he opens doors or pull out chairs for the ladies, he didn't do it "nerdy-ly" instead he did it with an air of "being the final arbiter of all things."
    Also "the final arbiter of all things" will either be the 1st or the last thru the door, not in between. Case in point: during the recent State of the Union Address, who's the last to arrive?
    Now do all my dudes see why some women view your courteous act as a domineering act instead?
    With this said, will I continue to hold doors for everyone? Yes.

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