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  1. magicnurse

    Is it worth Starting LPN vs. ADN Nursing Program

    Depends on time, money and where you stand academically. I see nothing wrong with either although I have a preference for the ADN because of my goal of going further educational wise.
  2. magicnurse

    Do you still hold doors for women?

    Yes, please keep holding the door open because I as a women can appreciate it. I love it when a man holds a door open for me, it makes my day.
  3. magicnurse

    PCA, what do I need for work?

    Take whatever notes you need to succeed.
  4. magicnurse

    Taking the state test soon. question about vital signs

    Is this for the CNA? Yes, you will have to know vital signs. Count to the full minute and nothing less.
  5. magicnurse

    How to deal with a rude classmate?

    Refuse to deal with this drama, your in school, just focus. Use her as a way to strengthen yourself. She is just a distraction, a test, to see how much you can take. It isn't that different when you graduate and start working as a nurse. You will still have to deal with annoying people like her. I am not trying to sound unsympathetic but you really have to find a way to deal with her. "Kill her with kindness", and keep your focus all at the same time. You will graduate and she will be a thing of the past, unless you end up working with her, lol, when you graduate.That would suck of course. Just be strong in your approach and proffessional, you will be fine. Deep down she is probably jealous of you and would love to see you fail. Don't let it happen, just meditate before you go around her. Don't get into a discussion about if she likes you or anything, act like all is ok, unless she goes overboard. If you can shake it off till you don't have to deal with her, you will come out stronger and better and the next time you deal with someone like her you will know just how to handle it.
  6. magicnurse

    assistance with med surg class

    Follow whatever your teacher gives you as a guide. If you can study more then that great, if not, don't worry about it.