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  1. Chemistry Sux

    Hinds ADN Fall 2011

    I just finished first semester. It was though, and disorganized, but I got out with a B. Healthy future I haven't forgotten about you...ill email you some stuff to look over during the holidays.
  2. Chemistry Sux

    Do you still hold doors for women?

    It's just good manners. Hold the door until somone else grabs it.
  3. Chemistry Sux

    Was nursing school fun?

    The best way to describe nursing school is that it's not HARD, but it is ALOT. There is ALOT of stuff (necessary and not) that they make you do. There are fun days and suck days. The theory part (lectures and tests) are 80% suck and 20% fun. Clinicals (in our program 1st semester is Nursing Home) are 50/50. I was blessed with a good clinical group and that makes it much easier to deal with bed baths and brief changes. I don't think the female nursing students will find you any sexier as a classmate than they would in any other situation in life. If you are smart, considerate, have a good personality and they feel like you are in nursing school for the right reason it will help. If you goof off, make it obvious you are trying to hook up, and try to get by on things because you are a guy, they will smell that a mile away and you are done. Good luck, just focus on school, there will be plenty to do and worrying about being "sexy" is not one of them. :)
  4. Chemistry Sux

    Hinds ADN Fall 2011

    Lol. No I ment class of 2013 as in graduating in 2013. I replied to your other post also. Msg me if you need anything or have any questions...good luck!
  5. Chemistry Sux

    Hinds ADN program @ NAHC

    Its alot. ppl say nursing school is hard, and it kinda is, but a better way to put it is that it is "alot". In the past you had to learn things backwards and forwards (sometimes only one or the other lol), but in nursing school you have to learn it backwards, forwards, sideways, inverted, at a right angle, inside out and....well...I think you get the picture. There is also alot of extra stuff to do and they throw you right into the fire with the first semester clinical being at the nursing home (bed baths, brief changes, cath changes, tube feedings, med administration, and wound care). The program this go round is a little strange as they changed the order of some of the learning objectives and they are talking about changing things again for next semester. Let me know when you start who you get as a clinical instructor and feel free to msg me or post and ask any questions you may have!
  6. What agency do you work for if you don't mind me asking. If you are working 12-14 hr days and being efficient with your time then the other nurses may be taking short cuts and not taking great care with thier work or charting. Are they on a per visit pay rate? If your agency stays busy and are able to get as many visits as you want each week then I would go to a per visit rate. The good thing about a salery is if the census is low you still get paid, but if you are rinning ragged all the time it may be worth the risk.
  7. Not sure how much has changed in the last couple of years, but I use to work for a medical solutions company and lots of nursing visits per episode were a bad thing. I assume nurses get paid per visit like therapy does, and more visits equals more money, but from a profitability standpoint for the agency, the more visits the less profit. If you are being efficent with your time and the pts are getting what they need then that's whats most important. My wife use to work HH as a PTA and she would see an avg of 5-6 pts a day. She would leave at 7 and was home by 3. Her pts were pretty spread out and she had to spend at least 30-45 min with each pt. Some required 1hr of therapy so that made her day longer. How much time are you spending with each pt, how many miles are you traveling each day, are you required to report to the agency before and or after you start your visits, how long are you working each day? If you are working the same ammount of time as other nurses and you are 20 visits behind them then either you are slacking or they are cutting corners. Either way giving quality nursing care is whats most important.
  8. Chemistry Sux

    Fired - what do you think...

    Not necessarily true about the "at-will" employment state. I know of several people who have been fired and even quit under duress and recieved unemployment benefits. If you never recieved benefits in an a "at-will" state, then what would be the point of having an unemployment agency in those states.
  9. Chemistry Sux


    Obviously LSU will be cheaper. Even if paying out of state tuition. William Carey is a private university and will hence be very expensive. Also, you will be able to network better with a degree from LSU as opposed to WC.
  10. Chemistry Sux

    Hinds ADN Fall 2011

    Anyone starting in august for the class of 2013?
  11. Chemistry Sux

    Hinds ADN program @ NAHC

    Anyone else starting this august (2011)? Also has anyone else completed this program or part of it? Any advice?
  12. Chemistry Sux

    What Is It About The Number "Ten" and Dosage Errors?

    med dosage erroros scare the crap out of me. I'm just a student, but everyone talks like they are very common and SERIOUS when they happen. What causes this? Is it as simple as not checking and double checking the meds you're giving? Is it transcription error? Is it messy Dr. had writing? Are there ways to avoid this by simply paying close and careful attention while administering meds?
  13. Chemistry Sux

    A Kind Act....

    Our church promoted this during christmas time one year in Franklin, TN.....One instance started at Starbucks and 34 people later the streak of paying for the guy behind me finally ended....the world needs more of this!
  14. Chemistry Sux

    Married Male Nursing Students

    I'm married (9 years) two kids, and my wife can be a very jealous person....yet she has been nothing but supportive of my efforts to return to school, even though she knows there will be lots of young girls all around me. I think that by now either she knows I love her and I will not cheat.............or worse.........she doesn't care.... lol
  15. Chemistry Sux

    resp therapy vs RN

    Thanks for all the info and advice I chose nursing. All the info posted here was very helpful.