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rebelgirl#1 has 7 years experience and specializes in GERIATRICS AND PRISON.

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  1. rebelgirl#1

    Do you still hold doors for women?

    I hold the door open. I figure it is a nice gesture for one and all. My husband holds and lets people come through. Old men say Thanks and get the door so my husband can catch up with me. Young guys walk through. Most women say Thanks.
  2. rebelgirl#1

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    Hello, Check out USAJOBS.GOV. I am in AR and we are still short 3 nurses at our site. Not too many people want to come to corrections. But is fun and good experience.
  3. rebelgirl#1

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    hello, I have owned and rode motorcycles all my life. We have had dirt bikes, hondas, harleys and now a trike. Most of our close calls have came from someone who does not watch the road. But they do not watch the road if you are in a cage. In my life I have seen all sorts of things damage people. Twin towers, terrorist, etc. I guess I will keep my bike, be a safe driver and let what happeans happean.
  4. rebelgirl#1

    What Makes a Hero Nurse?

    Memphis a little while ago: Game warden ran his own vehicle into two people that had allready killed two cops and were now firing at another cop car. He was so calm. Just knew he had to help. The nurse who came in with coffee for my mom at 0400. The nurse who inspired me to be nurse, 40 years ago. Just because she used an oral thermometer(sp). The little things that mean so little to other and still are remembered by the patient. Because I also remember the little bad things. So to those who do the little things all the time. Thank You.
  5. rebelgirl#1

    Patient 'found' my number on the internet...

    All good advise. Make sure that you keep copies of everything. Keep the tapes, and show that the person is calling you. Then when they keep calling you have the proof that they called you to initiate the contact.
  6. rebelgirl#1

    Let me hear your raves

    The day that I did an EKG (pt turned out not to be scheduled). He was telling me how short of breath he was while walking, etc. Older White Male, previous smoker, no medical care as he was poor and came from the mountains. I think we got him as he kept getting in trouble. Oh well not a complainer so if he had not came to the clinic would have just died. My coworkers and bosses all went wow. Emergency consult and just felt good.
  7. rebelgirl#1

    The Concerns of My Loving Wife

    Hello, Nursing school was the hardest as I did the CNA, LPN, ADN and now am working on the BSN. I would have went straight for my ADN if I had thought about it. That was way the hardest work I have ever did. I do not have call but can be mandated. Goes on senority down the list. I may get asked to do over time for the bus (prison - new group of inmates) We selected our holidays to work. Includes nurses and NPs. So I do not work as many. I work for the federal governmen. Retire after 20 years. I do not get as sick as I use good handwashing and eat health. Have fun and consider further training as a Nurse, Nurse Practioner, etc.
  8. rebelgirl#1

    "Fired for NO Reason"

    Ruby You hit the nail on the head. I work with a nurse that does not get it. She has had multiple chances, tons of assistance. It is allways someone else's fault, then off on a smoke break she goes. She blames everyone else when the count is off. Then goes oh I took that item. She has done things and not documented, patient tells another staff member. I am so tired right now from this. I make mistakes and owe up to them. This is a learning job. If I only did what I learned 28 years ago, well enough said. Lawyers charge billable hours. Yes they are allways learning new laws, and the way to interpret them based on new rulings. We are allways learning new and best practice which we apply to our patients. Oh I need a good glass of wine and some down time. Thank you to all who say it is time for some personal accountability. I love a student who questions why and wants to learn, and a good teacher
  9. rebelgirl#1

    How to deal with a nurse that acts immature?

    I have one of those immature people working with me. No chance of her learning anything new. In fact she is sure that the world revolves around her. Comes to work late. When told that class was held up just for her, she said thanks. Comes in the door 45 minutes as a norm. This in spite of many warnings. Bosses hate to deal with it and when they talk to her about it, she runs the halls looking for the coworkers that ratted her out. Last time it was 3 hours. I told her everyone know. Accept responsibility for your own actions. Some people will not learn the easy way from a coworker, but the hard way, which may be loss of a job.
  10. rebelgirl#1

    Nasty residents, smoking, and insubordination

    I love the last response which would be to teacher her to be more effect. Most of us are not taught good communications skills, nor how to manage effectively. After that if she still is not up to par, no more charge for her.
  11. rebelgirl#1

    Pa hospital system won't hire smokers

    I have a few vices, drink, smoke and weigh more then I should. My husband does all the above, served in the military, was in a job for 30 years that required him to be physically fit. Not just one day a year but every day. Hospitalized 3 times (birth, motorcycle accident, and for some bowel problem). So when I tell people about the importance of eating healthy, etc. I tell them it is not easy buty a lifetime of work. My husband has been in the hospital less then may people with no vices. But that may be genetics. I figure most people listen to me and relize that it will not be easy to lose weight or quit smoking but that it is worth the struggle
  12. rebelgirl#1


    1) The coworker who thinks she should be off for all holidays, the day before and the day after. Tells me I do not have children so I should work. 2)The same coworker telling everyone how bright and smart she is. What I love about my job is that what comes around goes around.
  13. rebelgirl#1

    Are older nurses being forced out of the profession?

    Where I work they are now hiring new grads. It sucks because we have a lot of things going on with our patients that new grads can not handle. You have to work alone on evenings, weekends. I would love to see some nurses hired with experience and a willingness to pick up new skills and contribute to our knowledge base. Sad to say I think that money is the name of the game. As long as the focus is on the small sum made by a nurse, vs the amount of money made by the top ceo's of the agency, nurses will lose.
  14. rebelgirl#1


    1) bosses who do not manage their unit well 2) coworkers with no consideration for the people they work with, come in late and leave early: see above 3) Non medical staff who think I have time to clean and do their job as they are so busy with phone calls to lovies, etc.
  15. rebelgirl#1

    broken hearted new grad

    Hello, Try USajobs.gov. I work for the Bureau of Prisons as a registered nurse. We prefer experience but are short in lots of facilities. Just hired a young nurse with little experience. This site list all jobs, nation wide for the federal government Good Luck
  16. rebelgirl#1

    Corrections Nurse vs Clincial Nurse

    Hi I have been a correctional nurse with the Federal system for over 10 years. I love it but have lost some of my clinical skills. We have every thing that the outside world has, just throw in the fights, etc. You need critical thinking skills, good education skill. I find that I do a lot of teaching. Not sure that it sinks in but I try. I have always told the inmates that I am in charge. They know I will look into their problem, but they do not get to tell me what to do. Have fun with it. Do not wear tight, flirty clothings, and listen to what is going on around you that will help you out. Inmates have nothing to lose by manipulating you.