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I need a little advice. I have 9 weeks left of LPN school to go. I planned on going right into the RN program as soon as I got my license but now I don't think I can handle school anymore. I am soooooo very burned out. I just... Read More

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    I would take a couple of weeks off ,clear your head but I caution on taking to much time off or you will end up like me...7 years later Im still a LVN.. However, at the same time you cant go into RN school already on burn out..its a hard situation. Good luck I hope you find some peace and relaxation..

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    Thanks to all for the responses and encouragment. I have spoken with a few of my instructors and they assure me that is normal in the last quarter of school. They tell me that in my last six weeks, we will all be as happy and energetic as we were when we started school. I have decided to stick with it and continue with my education. I just need to keep my eye on the prize. I can't wait to be a nurse!!!

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