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Little Panda RN is a ASN, RN and specializes in Assisted Living Nurse Manager.

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  1. Little Panda RN

    Burned out and hate nursing

    I have worked for a CMS contractor for the last five years. Have worked from home for four of those years. I hate it! It is very isolating and now I feel useless. I miss making a difference. i have applied for other jobs but never get an interview I am sure because I have no recent hands on experience.
  2. Little Panda RN

    I'm excited right now

    Congrats!!!! I am sure you will enjoy it. I have worked from home for over two years now. Sure saves a lot on the cost of commuting :)
  3. Little Panda RN

    Health Assessment Recording

    I did mine about a month ago. I followed the PATE form during my assessment. I had it by me the whole time. Passed with 84 out of 88. I was so stressed over this stupid video but it really is easier than it seems.
  4. Little Panda RN

    I need help with the WGU Statistics class

    I failed the pre assessment first time around so I made it a point to sign up for all the cohorts I could. I signed up for the fast paced cohort and the regular one. I attended as many as I could, watched the videos numerous times, did all the checkpoints in the course and studied like crazy. Passed pre assessment on the second try and then took the objective assessment. I barely passed it but I did pass. Keep studying and do all the above and you will pass.
  5. Little Panda RN

    Is anyone out there having such a hard time with WGU?

    Hello I finished stats about a month a ago. My advice is sign up for the cohorts and watch the videos. They were a tremendous help to me.
  6. Little Panda RN

    what classes to start first?

    I just started April 1st and will have three classes done already. I actually did stats first and am so glad I got it out of the way. I just finished biochem. It took me 4 weeks because I procrastinated. I will finish care of the older adult in another week and then will tackle history. I am hoping to have it done in 3 weeks. Then I will do Health assessments and that will probably be it for this first term.
  7. Little Panda RN

    Looking for a study buddy for RN-BSN May 2015 start

    I started April 1st and am working on biochemistry. I am just completing task 3. I did my statistics class first and boy am I glad that class is done! Next class care of the older adult.
  8. Little Panda RN

    Just Starting this Journey

    Hello MinnesotagirlRN, I studied around 3 days a week. I also attended some of the fast paced cohorts and watched videos from past cohorts. I studied about 4 hours each time. I did not know anything about statistics so I was starting from scratch. It took me 4 weeks to finish but am sure it can be done quicker.
  9. Little Panda RN

    Just Starting this Journey

    I finished stats in 4weeks and am on biochemistry now. I am actually having a harder time getting started in this class that stats
  10. Little Panda RN

    Statistics and BioChem at WGU

    I am having a hard time getting started with biochemistry. I am not sure exactly what they want with the diagrams. Do we just label them and explain the role of the enzymes or do we have to explain what everything does. I am calling the help line tomorrow but thought I might also get help here from those who might know.
  11. Little Panda RN

    Just Starting this Journey

    Two weeks into statistics and I only have one unit to go then I will take my preassessment and then hopefully the exam. I am hoping to have this class done at the 3 week mark😀
  12. Little Panda RN

    Just Starting this Journey

    Thank you everyone for all the advice. I know I will have to do some studying of the content I don't know but will use the advice given. You guys rock 😀
  13. Little Panda RN

    Just Starting this Journey

    Hi Klone, I really have forgotten a lot of history so I will have to study for this one. It is an objective assessment so I guess that means a proctored exam. So under each chapter it lists things you need to do, like watch video and take quiz then submit quiz. So I am thinking I have to do those tasks. Do we have to do all the tasks as it lists them. I am sure I will figure it out along the way, it is a bit as I said overwhelming. I know I will get in my groove after I get started. Oh yeah I can access the course but not sure I can do anything in it yet.
  14. Little Panda RN

    Just Starting this Journey

    I just finished orientation and will starting classes on April 1st. I have 37 units to complete for my RN to BSN. I have to take History, Biochemistry and Statistics along with the nursing courses. I was looking through the history class and am freaking out just a little. It looks like a lot to remember and it feels a bit overwhelming. There is a review guide with each chapter that has questions you are supposed to answer and it states to fill in your answers before printing and to do this by e-text but it won't let me type in the form. How the heck do you type in it? This history class has 19 chapters to read, flash cards to study, videos to watch and questions to answer along the way. Gosh I hope I am prepared for this 😋 Also does anyone have any words of wisdom on navigating through these classes. Like I said I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed at the moment.
  15. Little Panda RN

    March 1st

    I also am starting March 1st and looking forward to it. Two of my coworkers went through this program and really like it :)
  16. Little Panda RN

    Looking for help from Jacksonville

    If they are not accredited I would not waste my money. Many companies require that you have graduated from a CCNE or NLNAC accredited school in order to even consider you for an interview. Just my 2 cents