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  1. charebec65

    Bohecker College in Ohio

    Can't help you there, sorry. It's a new school in the area. I would check in to its accreditation and to see if the credits will transfer if you choose to go on and get your BSN. There is one of the new schools around that offers the RETS tech program and I don't think those credits will transfer to a BSN program. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this. I'm at Sinclair in Dayton.
  2. charebec65

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi all. I am in my second quarter of the LPN-RN transition at Sinclair. I started working on my pre-reqs and co-reqs as soon as I finished PN school in Aug. 06 and finished all but one class before getting into the program and I took that one last quarter. I have a whole passel of kids but most have flown the coop. I'm in the Cincinnati-Dayton OH corridor I have one in Kentucky, one in Columbus, one in Cinci and one in Iraq. The "baby" is still at home in high school. I'm considering doing my ADN to BSN online after I finish this so I can work more.
  3. charebec65

    LPN-RN programs-SINCLAIR!?

    I started the LPN-RN transition at Sinclair in January. It took me 4 semesters to get in but I had pre-reqs to finish up which I did part time while working. I would recommend that anyone do it as once you get past the first half of the first quarter, it's a bit tough. They are now doing the transition class 3 times per year and don't have a problem filling it. Actually, we didn't even have 10 in our class this quarter. Sinclair has a great program and and the cost is very reasonable, especially if you live in Montgomery County. It's well worth the wait.
  4. charebec65

    Cincinnati Pay Rates/Great Oaks Program

    I wouldn't take all of the message you replied to as gospel. I went throught the program at Laurel the year before this person. The instructors were wonderful and went out of their way to help if someone needed it (same instructors are still there). There were students that had issues with the teachers but those were the students that caused the issues by their own behaviors. C & J were not demeaning and did not treat the students like children even though we had students that acted like children and there always seemed to be drama going on. Insofar as the silly rules, sure some of them were a bit stringent but the instructors are only abiding by the rules that have been set forth by the school system. It's hardly fair to fault the instructors for following regulations that have been set forth to them to be passed on to the students. Yes the clinical paperwork was somewhat difficult but now that I am transitioning to RN, it was a walk in the park. He's complaining about that little 2-3 page care plan? Let's see, our process tool/care plan is 45 pages (yes, forty five) and I have to do them weekly. If I get a new patient, there's a shorter form but it's still a lot of work. Also, we're only allowed to have water in our classrooms in college so what's the difference? He makes a huge issue about the long day with only water? We had the same rule but we got breaks throughout the day and could drink soda on break. Insofar as the smoking issue - it is illegal to smoke on school property in the state of Ohio - so of course they can't smoke by the building. Just go to your car during breaks and take a quick drive. That's what we did. I'm not sure this guy would be happy with anything. Please don't judge the Oaks program based on the opinion of one person.
  5. charebec65

    Laurel Oaks Pn Program

    It sounds like you had some of the same student issues that we did in my graduating class. I must agree, the program is great and the Laurel instructors are wonderful. I miss them.... wish I could get to Wilmington to visit but am working and transitioning LPN to RN right now so i just don't have the time. I do email them though...
  6. charebec65

    anyone at lpn program at Great Oaks?

    We had it after we graduated in 06 but I believe they were making it a part of the curriculum after that. I went to Laurel and loved it. Am now transitioning LPN to RN while working part time.
  7. charebec65

    Glen Beck's hospital experience

    What about Beck who refused to be admitted...
  8. charebec65

    LPN First or Straight to RN

    I am an LPN working on my RN (ADN). The wait list for schools around here is horrendously long and having had my LPN and another degree meant it took less time to finish pre-reqs and I got into the program in 4 quarters going part time and working part time. The last I heard, the wait list at my school was 3 years AFTER you got pre-reqs done and passed the entrance exam (which I was exempt from d/t having my LPN). Not everyone can do what I did. I am fortunate that my husband makes enough money that I was able to go to PN school full time without working and only work part time now while working on my ADN. Then again, all but one of my kids are gone so I'm a bit older than many. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
  9. charebec65

    Nurses' Christmas

    That was hilarious! Printed to share... thanks!
  10. charebec65

    Anyone with RSD?

    One of my best friends has it and has for quite a few years. He's not been one of the fortunate ones though and has had a really rough course with it. I have chronic pain for other reasons so I can relate to a certain extent. It's good you caught it early! Hope all goes well!
  11. charebec65

    Press Gainey AARRGGHH

    Ironically I got a Press Ganey survey in the mail today relating to my ER visit a couple of weeks ago.
  12. charebec65

    Spring break!!!

    I will be in a couple of weeks but for me that only means that I'll work every day instead of just a couple of them.
  13. charebec65

    About to Graduate - HELP!

    Getting out into the real world can be scary. Just make sure that you get plenty of orientation at whatever job you take. They can only teach you so much in NS, a huge portion of your eduation will end up taking place after you graduate and are on the job. Wherever you go there should be a drug reference book. If not, take yours. There are a lot of reference materials out there. I'm an LPN (a new one) and have a great little pocket sized book called LPNotes. There's an RN version of it too. It has a lot of useful information and even has pages in it for you to jot assessment information on with a pen which will wipe off with an ETOH pad. Congratulations and good luck on the NCLEX. Chin up, you'll both be fine...
  14. charebec65

    Agency Nurse doesn't know how to start IVs?

    I know what you mean about the dummy arm Gromit. We used it for the first stick during the certification class. After that almost all of us volunteered to be guinnea pigs (of course we all had to sign waivers). The dummy arm was good practice for technique but it felt nothing like doing it on a person. My arms were like pincushions for two weeks because I have such great veins! I wish you luck with your impending surgery. You seem so young but I'm only a year older and have my share of cardiac issues as well so I understand. Anyway, I'm sure everything will go fine. Let us know how it goes and I'll say a prayer for you...
  15. charebec65

    Agency Nurse doesn't know how to start IVs?

    I guess I'd not thought of that Tazzi. Thanks. It just seems like around here the nurses start IV's. Come to think of it, I've not started an IV since I bacame certified because I work with peds and LPN's cannot start IV's on anyone under 18 even if certified. Hopefully I'll get some practice during the RN program.... It looks like I'll get to start in September.....(keeping my fingers crossed).
  16. charebec65

    Agency Nurse doesn't know how to start IVs?

    I am an IV Certified LPN and am going into an LPN-RN transition program. Please excuse my ignorance but don't they teach IV starts in nursing school for RN's?