What a great time to be an LPN

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    I felt like writing something positive today!!

    1. This poor patient today came into the Emergency room after avoiding her last three dialysis appointments. Her fistula was in her thigh with previous fistulas in both arms. She'd been stuck by 2 other nurses before I entered the room to attempt her IV.

    BOO YAH!!! I spent maybe 1 minute looking and found a small, superficial vein right smack dap in the center of her shoulder. I made a bet with the RN who attempted last that I could get a 22G in it- betting it would be bigger than we both expected. uhm... heck yah!!! 22G R shoulder first attempt. tolerated well. Draws and infuses like a champ!

    I literally just had another nurse come up and high five me for the awesome IV!

    2. I was able to assist with my first central line placement today! Uh, totally cool!!!

    3. I took patients as a primary my last 4 hours and recieved major kudos on my assessment.... ahem, "data collection" skills. My RN just followed behind and agreed with my data tacking it as her assessment!

    4. I also have a new job interview for work during the weekday to staff several occ health clinics around town. Just me, a PA, and an MA baby! I hope a get that job to compliment my weekend option at the ER.

    All day, I've been getting major props and it has felt so great to be an LPN today!

    Kudos to us!

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    Wow, that was a great day. What state do you work in? I did not know they could have lpns in the ER.
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    That's awesome!!!
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    Definitely awesome!!
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    Wow awesome ...happy to see a LPN using skills and being the best at it!!!
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    Quote from Lpnkerry
    Wow, that was a great day. What state do you work in? I did not know they could have lpns in the ER.
    Do anyone know of anyplace that's hiring new LPN in NY?
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    Way to go on the IV! And awesome job on your ASSESSMENT (yeah, yeah, I know , legally "data collection, but Ill call it as I see it.) I'm glad you had a good day Good luck on your interview. That sounds exciting
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    Yay for you! You really need to go out and treat yourself in some way, even if it's something little like a gooey ice cream sundae.
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    High Five sounds like an awesome day for an awesome nurse with awesome skills!
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    Thanks for sharing someting positive
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