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  1. Lpnkerry

    What a great time to be an LPN

    Wow, that was a great day. What state do you work in? I did not know they could have lpns in the ER.
  2. Lpnkerry

    Nontraditional Nursing Jobs?

    How about hospice care
  3. Lpnkerry

    Post Interview Wait... When will that call back come?!

    Congrats on getting the job. I am also waiting to hear back from an interview that sound promising. I will continue to pray and have faith. Good luck.
  4. Lpnkerry

    Ugh Experience

    yes my resume is professional without errors. when i post in forums i take short cuts but thanks for the pointers. and i am not picky at all. i will take what i get.
  5. Lpnkerry

    New grad trying hard not to give up...

    Congrats on the interview. I wish u all the best.
  6. Lpnkerry

    Too soon to feel burnt out of LTC?

    I am a new grad with no job yet so i have no advice. I just wanted to say dont give up. You will figure how to make it work. You went to school for this and its going to take time to get use to.
  7. Lpnkerry

    Ugh Experience

    I dont understand employers. I am a new Lpn grad and I am applying everwhere possible whether they are hiring are not and all I hear is "u need 6mons-1yrs." how I am to get it if no one gives me a chance. I am 32 and when I was in high school u could find a job without degree. but now they say get a degree and when u pay all that money no one wants to hire. I dont get it. Nursing programs advertise about nursing shortage but they are just lying to get your money. There are 100 lpn/Rn going after the same position in one facility. Even experience nurses are having a hard time. I'm ready to work so I can make money while making a difference.