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  1. How long is the program usually? And what is the price? And it is better than tech school ?
  2. dlynn34LPN

    LPN jobs in VA?

    What part of VA u live in
  3. dlynn34LPN

    LPN wage question

    I live in va beach and my first facility job 3 years ago was 13.42 ..so hopefully its gone up..my friend works as an MD office she started at 15.00
  4. dlynn34LPN

    LPN's in VA do you have any extra certifications?

    Ok imma have to check it out.. Thank you
  5. dlynn34LPN

    LPN's in VA do you have any extra certifications?

    Yes I think out virginia beach
  6. dlynn34LPN

    LPN's in VA do you have any extra certifications?

    Through infusion care services... Its really informative
  7. dlynn34LPN

    Need a new job..any suggestions?

    Yes I'm been thinking about an rehab place down here to go to that is a hospital. Idk the benefits at my place now r great and i think thts whts holding me bk.. Thank you for the input :)
  8. dlynn34LPN

    LPN's in VA do you have any extra certifications?

    Nothing the va boards require, but i just got IV certified.. Since i deal with iv all the time.. I would love to be wound certified but think its only offer to RN
  9. dlynn34LPN

    Need a new job..any suggestions?

    I work for skilled nursing/ nursing home . I feel overworked and somebody always calling out .. Love the work but not happy with patient load. Too many skilled pt for one nurse and something always happening.. Never getting off on time. charting is crazy, Plus not appreciated by management.. Help, thinking bout a MD office until go back to school for RN.
  10. dlynn34LPN

    Pay rates for new LPN's in the Hampton Rds Area

    Starting pay can range from 16.00 to 18.00 depending on where u apply
  11. No i haven't done that... But some advice is just tell the truth and they will understand..as a nurse you may change jobs according to your want for skills or what fits your lifestyle.. You have to do what's best for you.
  12. dlynn34LPN

    new LPN starts tomorrow!

    Congrats!!! I also work at a rehab facility, But yes that job is a great start you will learn alot experience alot and be ready for anything that comes your way in nursing..it could be a little stressful but it is rewarding. Good Luck!
  13. dlynn34LPN

    2 weeks notice!!

    Congrats !!!!
  14. dlynn34LPN

    ltc job stress

  15. dlynn34LPN

    Salary query for LPN

    Sentara and Bon secours goes of experience.. So it various ...believe no experience is 15.54 and With experience around 17.00 and up
  16. dlynn34LPN

    LPN.working in a jail