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CYoungLPN has 7 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. CYoungLPN

    Is Netflix your BFF? What do you watch?

    One Tree Hill Gossip Girl...just started Orange is the new black it's really good!
  2. CYoungLPN

    Home Health or Something

    I do peds home health it's cool def. Learn a lot it will spoil u lol I worked in a LTC facility for my first 6 months as a nurse the parents & family are ur biggest resources I honestly wouldn't suggest u do it straight out of school because u ar...
  3. CYoungLPN

    Being a LPN & traveling

    I've been a LPN for a yr & I want to get into traveling any advice? I see a lot of advice in the travel nurse forum goes towards RNs but I know traveling as a LPN can be done
  4. CYoungLPN

    Perks of the Job???

    Ive been doin pdn for about a month now and I usually go between 3 kids but 1 kid omg they are freakin rich I mean its my every other weekend case and its seriously the BEST 7a-7p shes the sweetest most independent lil girl she really does everything...
  5. CYoungLPN

    How To Get Trache and Vent Experience

    I literally just started pediatric private duty nursing and I was just put on a 12hr trach/vent case ive only been a nurse since dec so I left the LTC facility I was working with because I wasnt happy but I sat down talked with the DON of the agency ...
  6. CYoungLPN

    Travel nursing and LPN's

    I know u need at least a year of experience u wouldnt be able to travel straight out of school plus u wouldnt want to ur first year as a nurse is intense
  7. CYoungLPN

    Travel nursing and LPN's

    Im actually wondering the same im gonna try to get into travel nursing myself I talked to a few agencies I know we could do corrections & LTC im actually about 5 months into my first year of nursing & the companies I talked to said I need at ...
  8. CYoungLPN

    new graduate working in LTC, feel lost!

    Call!! I'd def call that IMO is more of a emergency situation so u need immediate feed back & waiting for a fax i wasting time Don't worry u'll get it I've been workin in LTC as a brand new nurse and I've learned just be very observant watch clo...
  9. CYoungLPN

    LPN primary role

    My unit manager is a LPN & she delegates to RNs
  10. CYoungLPN

    Happy Nurses Week!

    I'm a NOC nurse & I came in & they have muffins for us & a luncheon on wed
  11. CYoungLPN

    LPN vs PCT?

  12. CYoungLPN

    LPN vs PCT?

    Umm well are u a LPN or a CNA? because its a big difference ive never heard of a Lpn/cna job I'm confused if u are a LPN why wouldn't u work as a nurse to gain experience as a nurse?
  13. CYoungLPN

    Curious, Why did you decide to become an RPN/LPN?

  14. CYoungLPN

    New grad lvn. I think I am in the wrong field.

    I'm VERY new also but I'm also a very low stress type of person...I refuse to stress about things I have no control over & not knowing alllll of the ridiculous paperwork that goes along with my job is nothing I can help...I do the best I can if I...
  15. CYoungLPN

    I am a nurse but not happy with so much stress

    Yes! Omg and in fact I did forget something my unit manager asked me to do she asked me to compile a list of residents on antibiotics but I got soooo busy and before I knew it it was time to go then I realized I had forgot to get the was a...