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CYoungLPN has 7 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. CYoungLPN

    How To Get Trache and Vent Experience

    I literally just started pediatric private duty nursing and I was just put on a 12hr trach/vent case ive only been a nurse since dec so I left the LTC facility I was working with because I wasnt happy but I sat down talked with the DON of the agency I work for and told her I want experience I wanna learn about trachs and vents I want to learn as much as I can and literally this is my 2nd week and im already on a trach/vent case so my point is if I were u id request more complex cases
  2. CYoungLPN

    Travel nursing and LPN's

    I know u need at least a year of experience u wouldnt be able to travel straight out of school plus u wouldnt want to ur first year as a nurse is intense
  3. CYoungLPN

    Travel nursing and LPN's

    Im actually wondering the same im gonna try to get into travel nursing myself I talked to a few agencies I know we could do corrections & LTC im actually about 5 months into my first year of nursing & the companies I talked to said I need at least a yr but im getting all my certifications & researching until im able to sign on with a company I dont do dialysis either tho im in LTC & Peds feel free to email me ill share what ive researched & learned so far charitykyoung@gmail.com
  4. CYoungLPN

    LPN primary role

    My unit manager is a LPN & she delegates to RNs
  5. CYoungLPN

    National Nurses week

    I'm a NOC nurse & I came in & they have muffins for us & a luncheon on wed
  6. CYoungLPN

    LPN vs PCT?

  7. CYoungLPN

    LPN vs PCT?

    Umm well are u a LPN or a CNA? because its a big difference ive never heard of a Lpn/cna job I'm confused if u are a LPN why wouldn't u work as a nurse to gain experience as a nurse?
  8. CYoungLPN

    Curious, Why did you decide to become an RPN/LPN?

  9. CYoungLPN

    New grad lvn. I think I am in the wrong field.

    I'm VERY new also but I'm also a very low stress type of person...I refuse to stress about things I have no control over & not knowing alllll of the ridiculous paperwork that goes along with my job is nothing I can help...I do the best I can if I miss something they know where to find me I feel like if they want me to know EVERY single form to fill out for a fall for example...they need to put a lil packet together and put it in a certain spot & when a fall occurs boom! There it is but it's not like that it's alll very trial & error which is fine that's how ppl learn like I've only had to admit 1 resident and I've worked for about a month...if I had to do another new admit I wouldn't remember all of the steps I wouldn't remember half they know I'm new but I refuse to stress myself about it I know ill get it down I recently switched from 7-3 to 11p-7a it's super laid back u should maybe look into trying to get that shift
  10. CYoungLPN

    I am a nurse but not happy with so much stress

    Yes! Omg and in fact I did forget something my unit manager asked me to do she asked me to compile a list of residents on antibiotics but I got soooo busy and before I knew it it was time to go then I realized I had forgot to get the list...it was after I had got home but...still lol she said it was ok but yea I constantly feel like I'm forgetting stuff
  11. CYoungLPN

    I am a nurse but not happy with so much stress

    I understand & I've worked the day shift & MY solution was to switch to the 11p-7a shift it cuts down havin to deal with alot of that mess cause everyone is sleep...just relax &DONT take ur job home with u
  12. CYoungLPN

    Advice please!

    -__- glad to know how u really feel Could have sworn my name tag said licensed practical NURSE but I could be wrong At my LTC facility RN & LPNs work the floor equally LPNs train RNs & RNs train LPNs u truly don't know the difference until u look at the name tag But yeaaaa don't say that at work or really ever ur just askin for it
  13. CYoungLPN

    NOC nurse

    I start 11p-7a shift Monday the new schedule came out today everyone on day shift was calling me a trader today lol but Im a new nurse I've only been working there for like a month...I just wanted to try something new never worked nights before plus Im single no kids might as well
  14. CYoungLPN

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Thanks for this! I hate interviews
  15. CYoungLPN

    NCLEX PN study partners via Skype, FaceTime, Oovoo ect.

    check ur inbox
  16. CYoungLPN

    NCLEX PN study partners via Skype, FaceTime, Oovoo ect.

    like end of july...i usually study during the week like 2 hours at work (i work in a medical daycare so i study while the kids are napping) and when i get off at 530p and on the weekends whenever cause i don't work on the weekends what about u?