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RhandaH has 8 years experience as a ADN, RN.

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  1. RhandaH

    How does your hospital do this? Newborn Assessment Nurse

    We have this- neonatal admission team (NAT). Same exact thing you explained. And yes its soooo hard keeping this role filled. At times the nicu nurse will have to fill in and we DREAD doing it because it is so grueling.
  2. RhandaH

    Challenges of working in the NICU?

    Hello! I know this thread is a few months old but I think you still might be in need of advice for getting into the NICU. I was in a similar situation as you, I had my preceptorship at a Level 3 nicu near my home and had no idea what to expect but thought I liked the idea of nicu nursing. My 3 months on the unit made me FALL IN LOVE. Many people on the unit told me to say something if I wanted a job so I did. I prepared my resume, added a little confidence in my step and walked into the managers office. You may be done with your preceptorship but you still have the resources. If you feel like someone liked you or can vouch for how hardworking and prepared you are, use them! It works. Networking is huge in the nicu world because there are soooo many people who have worked as rns for years that are fighting to get into nicu, so some hospitals don’t use nicu new grad residencies as well. I understand since these babies are so fragile and precious! Hope all goes well!!
  3. I am wondering the same thing... How did it turn out for you? Was it a good idea as a last semester RN student?
  4. RhandaH

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    oh thats great!! hopefully you'll be hearing something soon!
  5. RhandaH

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    im pretty sure they send denial letters too. you should call or come to the campus and ask... for the bsn they sent out real letters so maybe there was a mixup with addresses.
  6. RhandaH

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    did you end up applying in December?
  7. RhandaH

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    hey, I would contact the school as soon as you can, you should have heard SOMETHING. I got an acceptance letter via email on the 1st. I applied for the bridge program for associates. the bachelors rn applicants started getting their letters (in the mail) in late february... there could have been a mixup... call them asap!
  8. RhandaH

    Excited but nervous... help

    How was your first semester?? Hopefully I’ll be starting soon, and I have no idea what to expect as well.
  9. RhandaH

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    Hey, i'm applying for the bridge program for fall 2019! Application just opened yesterday and I am almost ready to submit... im hoping to get in but i only have 60% of the pre-reqs done instead of the "recommended" 70-80% so i dont know if they will consider me even though i know i will finish all classes before fall semester.
  10. RhandaH

    2 sciences in one semester

    Im doing anatomy and physiology 2 and micro next semester with labs. But i hear those two classes go hand in hand.
  11. RhandaH

    Failed A&P 1... idk what to do

    If nursing is your passion, keep your head up and try again! A&P is one of the most difficult pre-reqs because it is a lot of information, a lot of memorization, and a lot of concepts and body systems that you continue to build on (learn about). So if you don't understand something fully, its simple to get lost because things are so closely connected or intertwined. Best advice I can give is figure out how you learn best. Whatever you were doing obviously doesn't work, so try something new. Flash cards, online videos, read the book, have someone quiz you, pretend like your teaching the subject to others, study groups, read the chapter numerous times, find practice questions, record and listen to the lecture again, rewrite your notes, etc. Don't give up!!
  12. RhandaH


    Is there a reason why you chose to take them seperately? In my opinion, I would consider the option to do the integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology.. mainly because if you decide to continue on in your studies to become an RN, at least it would count in your favor. The Human Anatomy and Human Physiology classes seem like they are only beneficial for the LPN program.
  13. RhandaH

    Just tell me to hang in there

    Hang in there! I'm not in the exact same situation but family issues interfered with my plans last semester and it was a bummer. A semester or two passing makes you feel like wasted time. Using your time wisely, like the other commenters said, is great advice. I'm going to take that advice too and try to hang in there also. And save some money!
  14. RhandaH


    So I am getting prereqs to enter an LPN-RN program and in researching a school that I am interested in it says they will require an LPN Validation Test, a Dosage Calculation test, and a Skills (Lab) Test. Did any of you have to do this upon entrance? I get that they want adequate LPNs in their program, but there isn't much info about what exactly is on the validation test or what to study to brush up on. Do i just buy an nclex pn book and read all of it again? And what types of skills are to be tested? Cna AND lpn skills? I've been out of school for four years and i am prepared to study, but i have no idea where to begin!
  15. RhandaH

    I Graduated From Nursing School At 56 Years Old

    Your honesty is so beautiful. You told us the good bad and the ugly of your story and those details make it inspiring!
  16. RhandaH

    Closer to apply and getting nervous

    Keep your head up! You may be doubting yourself but if you made it through lvn school, and have finished all the prerequisites you have more knowlege up there than you think. Work hard to review all of yor nursing skills, make sure you understand the lpn stuff, and let the program teach you the rest. Study hard, work hard and this time when you graduate and pass nclex get a position that uses all of those skills.