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  1. ctbui

    First classes with Excelsior

    So we don't have clinically for this program? Where can I find more info about this school? I am currently trying to get into a Lpn RN bridge. Thank you
  2. ctbui

    LPN to rn...asn or bsn

    Hi I was just wondering which school did you went to for the LPN to RN bridge program? I'm currently looking but seems like I've missed all the deadlines btw I live in Georgia.
  3. Hi everyone I just took the teas 5 today and I did not do so well and surprisingly it's math that is my lowest score, next is ready. I actually did good in science. I did not get to finish my math part, are we not allowed to use computer's calculator??? Because it was so hard trying to do everything my hand or mentally. I had to triple check my answers that's why I ran out of time. It was ridiculous. I must admit it was my fault for not studying much either. I heard gpc requires a really high score. Any advice? When should I take it again? Should I apply after taking the teas again? What other school should I apply? I have A's in a&p 1&2. Currently taking micro at another college. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. ctbui

    New rehab nurse with no experience

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragements. My question now is should I put that 3 months worth of work on my résumé? And should I put the reason why I got fired/didn't get the job? Which I don't know why exactly. My unit manager offered me to be as a reference. Is it a good thing to use her or no? I feel really discourage now because its been over a month and I just now starting to look for a job; due to my recent wedding. Before I left my manager kept telling me, "when one door close, he will open another door for you".