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Hello, I'm an LPN (since 1993), and have recently learned that LPNs and 3-year/or diploma RNs are required to become BSNs before 2016 in order to keep their jobs. The change is apparently due to the new medicare laws and... Read More

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    As long as each state has their own requirements for licensure according to their own BON there will not be any kind of federally mandated requirements and I don't see the BON's agreeing to giving up their autonomy to a federal mandate like that. I know of no states that are requiring or are planning on requiring a BSN as a minimum standard for licensure. I also can't imagine that all the schools that pump out ADN grads at a large profit for themselves wouldn't vigorously argue against any such requirement, especially since many of those programs are located in state affiliated community colleges. Not to mention there just are not enough BSN programs at this point to support it. Maybe in the future if all the ADN programs were able to somehow convert to a BSN program, but that is a whole other logistics nightmare so I don't think it is very likely to happen.
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    The BSN only is almost an urban myth...when I graduated in 1974 from a diploma program, it was being said that within a few years one would need a BSN to be able to work. At that time the few BSN that I worked with were almost useless, one couldn't even take a BP! The diploma programs gradually closed because they were too expensive to run, not because they didn't turn out good nurses. After working for several years I tried a BSN program; at the time it was not adding anything to my knowledge base or my ability to function as a competent nurse, plus it was expensive! No hospital paid a differancial for having a degree. I ended up dropping the BSN program, although I have gotten a Master's degree in another area. Over the years of working, if you wanted to be in administration you had to get a degree...since I never wanted that I didn't see any reason to get the degree. The ANA has advocated the degree for years, as a way of creating professionalism, and indicating that anyone who didn't have a degree was an inferior nurse. All I ever saw was this attitude do was create division within the profession. After all these years I discovered that it didn't matter where you got an education as much as what you brought to nursing; compassion , empathy, a desire to help others, being able to prioritze and good time management skills. Having said all of this, I wish all new graduates the best of luck, and may you find as much joy in nursing as I did.
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    From what we were told in our middle TN LPN nursing orientation by the schools DON was, the new reimbursement scales for Obamacare prompted this. That the hospital/facility that has 5 stars gets a higher reimbursement from government insurances (Medicare/Tenncare/etc.). And you can't achieve a 5 star rating unless a certain percentage of the nurses employed are BSN. Though most if not all local hospitals will hire ADN of course they don't hire LPN anymore. So my personal opinion is when Obamacare pans out and the hospital/facility will see the reimbursement difference is when we will see what will really happen with the RN job market in general.

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