Lpn salary

  1. What's the average salary for an lpn in your area?
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  3. by   OrganizedChaos
    I've made between $18-$22/hr in south TX.
  4. by   pnkgirl25
    I have asked a few new grad lvns in my area (Long Beach) and have been told $18-$23...average time to find a job from the 24 people I polled who graduated least year and this year... 4-8 months
  5. by   slicksGIRL
    I'm a new grad LVN in SoCal (SF Valley), I was offered a job at a hospital for $19. Plus the shift differential. So I make about $22/hr.
  6. by   cmm4ever
    I have heard $15-$17 starting out I live near Buffalo,NY
  7. by   Mewsin
    Starts at $31 maxes out at $33 so far, we'll see what happens in the new contract that is being negotiated.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    It's anywhere from $17 to $29 here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

    Local hospitals will offer on the low end of the range ($17 to $18 hourly) and staffing agencies will offer the most money.
  9. by   xxMichelleJxx
    I became a LPN August 2012. My first job i got paid $21.00. My current job i get paid $23.47. I live in NYC.
  10. by   Wannabeeinscrubs
    I have been told $12.50 an hour here in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia.
  11. by   kaydensmom01
    $14-16 here in Eastern Ohio
  12. by   TipToeLPN
    $17-$22/hr in NE ohio
  13. by   Lpn__
    Quote from futurenurse1986
    What's the average salary for an lpn in your area?
    My best friend just finished school and with no previous lpn experience she started off with 23.00 in a LTC (charlotte, nc)
  14. by   SilenceintheLibrary
    jeez, you guys are making me want to move. $11-$12 here in oklahoma.