Lpn salary

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    What's the average salary for an lpn in your area?

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    I've made between $18-$22/hr in south TX.
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    I have asked a few new grad lvns in my area (Long Beach) and have been told $18-$23...average time to find a job from the 24 people I polled who graduated least year and this year... 4-8 months
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    I'm a new grad LVN in SoCal (SF Valley), I was offered a job at a hospital for $19. Plus the shift differential. So I make about $22/hr.
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    I have heard $15-$17 starting out I live near Buffalo,NY
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    Starts at $31 maxes out at $33 so far, we'll see what happens in the new contract that is being negotiated.
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    It's anywhere from $17 to $29 here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

    Local hospitals will offer on the low end of the range ($17 to $18 hourly) and staffing agencies will offer the most money.
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    I became a LPN August 2012. My first job i got paid $21.00. My current job i get paid $23.47. I live in NYC.
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    I have been told $12.50 an hour here in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia.
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    $14-16 here in Eastern Ohio

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