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  1. So I work in home health as an LVN. I was assigned a pt back in April who I saw 5 times. The pt was then d/c. I submitted my route sheets and was paid. Yesterday I get a call from that pt saying she received her bill from her insurance company and she is being billed for several visits from the PT that were never done. I didn't think much of it and just told her to contact the office as they handle billing. Today I get a call from my office saying that the pt called in and said they neither ME nor the PT every saw her. Now I know this lady is crazy because I have been to her house 5 different times, I have photos of her wounds as well as text messages between us setting up visits as well as photos of documentation that she received from her dr after a dr visits (I took photos for my records so I could chart on the info later). Not only that, but two times when i arrived at her home the PT person was leaving and our paths crossed so while I can't account for all of his visits I know he was there at least 2 times (The PT was from a different company then our agency. Well my boss e-mailed me over my route sheets and asked me to get them noterized/confirmed and send them back to her so she can submit them to the patient and the insurance company to dispute the claims. No biggie I think....until I open the e-mail. They have 5 visits from me 3 of the visits are clearly the pt's signature as they match my records...the last two visit look nothing like the pt's previous signatures and I can't find my copies of my route sheets. Now I am starting to freak out because I can't remember If this was a time I had the pt's mom sign for her or what. Clearly they are route sheets I submitted because my signature at the bottom where the nurse signs and all the writing on the form is mine...but it looks like either someone else signed for the pt or the pt did a different signature all together... I went back and reviewed my charting on this pt and clearly I saw her these two days because I called in report to the office letting them know a medical concern I had with the pt, submitted photos backing up that medical concern and have a phone record of a call made to the pt pcp. My worry however is the signature on the route sheets...if the pt is saying Me nor the PT ever visited I don't want them to come back at me saying that I forged her signature because at this point that exactly what it is looking like... I am so scared I don't know what to do.
  2. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    I have been taking everyone's advice and I have to say, it's working. I no longer say "is it okay if I come between 10-11. I say I will be there between 10-11. I have had a few people push back and that when I say, I understand you have a busy scheduled, If you like I can d/c your home health and you can go to the wound care clinic at a time that works best for you. Would that work better for you? Magically between 10-11 sounds GREAT!!! lol Thanks guys!
  3. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    This sounds great! I worked in adolescent psych right out of nursing school and LOVED it!
  4. pnkgirl25

    How Many Agencies Are You Registered With?

    It's pretty easy now that I have gotten rid of the agency with the crazy scheduling issues. Right now I am with 2 agencies. I have 5 patients with one and 4 with the other since I just started. Most of my patients are 2w8 I have 2 that are 3w8 and I have one that 7w1 then the will taper to 2w7 starting next week (which I'm happy about because I'm tired of driving to Long Beach (I live in Orange County) and shes my only pt there. Last week I had 32 visits after I picked up 2 last minute visits because a nurse was on vacation. I was very manageable. I started early (7:30) and was done most days by 1. Which is great since my daughter is in school from 7:50-1:30. So far I really like it. I was just happy to get out of that other place lol
  5. pnkgirl25

    Business Cards or Hipaa Violation

    I sometimes drop by patients home when I am in the area and they are someone I have been unable to meet by phone. I was thinking of having business cards made up that say Front: Sorry I missed you, please call to reschedule Back: Name, (Nurse) and Number
  6. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    I guess because I am still with only one agency I tend to let my patients run me out of fear they will call the office and request another nurse who will do the schedule they want...and then I'm left with nothing. I do however like your thinking. I am in the process of getting 3-4 agencies under my belt then at that point if someone does not like that time frame I give them I can suggest (without fear) that maybe we can find them another nurse who is welling to accommodate the times they need. You would be AMAZED (or maybe not) at how demanding people will get. Sometimes I want to tell people if your scheduled is that important maybe you need to go to the wound care clinic every day. I need to treat it like a doctors office...this is the time I have take it or leave it. People get spoiled in HH
  7. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    to be honest I never really thought about the time spent charting. I usually chart while watching tv or while sitting in the park watching my daughter play so I never really thought of it as something I'm not getting paid for but I guess I really should
  8. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    I do this for the most part. However where I run into problems are when I get the following excuses: 1. I dont want to be seen before 9 am or 10 am. because I'm sleeping..or heck I had someone tell me 2 pm 2. My daughter, son, husband, caregiver, second cousin wants to be here. They are available between XYZ 3. I don't shower until after 11...can you change my bandage then 4. I actually had someone tell me today they couldn't be seen before 12 because thats when here soaps are on..lol As for just showing up. I don't like to do this since 1. If they are not home I don't get paid 2. I have had 2 people fall while trying to get to the door because it was an unannounced visit and no one was home to open the door for them 3. I have been cussed out (this one does not bother me as much but it's still annoying).
  9. I just printed this bad boy out and put in on my fridge!!! EXCELLENT post. Thank you
  10. Next month will mark my one year in Home Health as an Visiting LVN. I have been with the same two agencies from the start. I am dumping one and keeping the other. I just recently got hired by another agency so I'm back up to 2 but I still have interviews rolling in. How many is too many to work for. I'm thinking of picking up a 3rd so I can be sure to get the work load I want. Thoughts? How many are you with?
  11. pnkgirl25

    What software are you working with?

    One job uses Kinnser the other uses Data Soft Logic. Both have features I like but I prefer Kinnser
  12. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    I have access to every patients electronic records but when we have hundreds of patients and I dont get mine assigned until the night before its pretty useless. Now when I do get assigned im up for 2 hours reading charts and order, going over med lists, treatment orders then I stat calling and scheduling.
  13. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    You have luck with same day appointments? Lucky. If I called my pts same day 1/2 of them would not answer the phone, the other half would want to tell me when THEY want to be seen. I typically see 7-9 pts per day so same day scheduling does not always work. Plus I cover a large area....All of North and South Orange County
  14. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    This is my thoughts exactly. It's a MESS. Since I am an LVN the RN typicall opens the case and then the LVN's float to different patients. 80% of the patients are wound care but it makes it hard not really knowing whats going on with a case before you see them. Sure you can read H&P's but I still often feel like I'm going in blind. Another annoying thing is you will see a patient one week then 2 weeks later you get assigned that same patient and think...GREAT I know this one....then you get there and the supplies are different, the orders are different and they might have a new wound all together lol. I only stuck it out this long because the pay was good and the patient load was great but I'm at the point now where no amount of money is worth my sanity.
  15. pnkgirl25

    Do you rotate patients? HELP

    I work for 2 different agencies. One of those agencies rotates patients, meaning you are hardly ever assigned the same patient. We typically don't receive our schedules until 6 or 7pm the night before the visit. I have been with the company for a little over 6 months but the way they do scheduling is really starting to drive me nuts. My nights are pretty much a mess. I don't get my patients until sometimes 7pm at night, then I have to route them, read the 485 and then try to call them all to schedule visits. Then I cross my fingers and hope everyone answers. If not I am up calling in the morning to try to reach them. If I can't reach them I have to make the call as to if I want to do a "drive by" to see if they are home or skip them and cross my fingers they don't call me later in the day now wanting to be seen and thus throwing off my entire schedule. Sometimes I am up till 9pm scheduling patients EVERY DAY. Another issue is supplies. Since I don't see the same patients every day it's always a mystery as to what supplies i am going to need. I cross my fingers that the nurse that saw them before has done their charting so I know what they last did or at least respond to my e-mail or phone call when I call for endorsements. My car looks like I robbed a medical supply store. It's a HOT mess. My other agency I work with does it different. When we are assigned a patient they are ours until they are D/C or we request a change. This is totally stress free and I love it. The only down side is I don't get as many patients and 99% of them are once a week patients so i typically only average 12-14 visits a week. The agency with the crazy scheduling I typically have 7-9 patients a day (7 days a week if I want but I choose to only work 5 days). I love the patient load but the scheduling is driving me INSANE. I'm thinking of dumping this agency and then signing with 3 or 4 other agencies so I can have my own patients even if that means working 3-4 agencies just to get in my 30 to 40 visits per week. For those that work home health how many agencies are you working with. Also can/do you tell them the patients you won't take. i.e., being a single mom I would rather not take daily patients.
  16. pnkgirl25

    Patient Load

    Question for all my field LVN's. What is your patient load. How many patients do you typically see in a day and a week. Are you with more then one agency? Are your patients mostly daily, 2xweek or every other day? I'm currently with 2 agencies but just accepted an offer from a 3rd in hopes of leaving one of the agencies that sends me out of area. My thing is in order for me to make the money I need I need to see 40-45 patients a week. What are you guys averaging?

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