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futurenurse1986's Latest Activity

  1. futurenurse1986

    Orlando can crash courses

    Thanks for the response guys but I want to obtain the can certificate before I start the program
  2. futurenurse1986

    Orlando can crash courses

    Are there any good cna crash courses in Orlando. Before starting the an LPN program I want to be certified as a cna so I can work part time while attending school. Any information helps :)
  3. Do you still have to make at least a 70% to stay in the program?
  4. I meant to say McFatter????
  5. Doeeex3 what are some of the things that changed about Sheridan?
  6. futurenurse1986

    whoa! had Orientation today!

    Cynt what days do you have class?
  7. futurenurse1986

    Valencia RN Fast track program for LPNs

    @cynt which school are you starting in Jan 2014?
  8. futurenurse1986

    Lake tech p/t LPN 2014

    I'm now interested in the Lake tech p/t LPN and I'm hoping to start in April 2014 in mascotte. is there anyone else applying for that time frame?
  9. futurenurse1986

    teas exam in a month

    Which school did you apply to?
  10. futurenurse1986

    January 2014 Orlando Tech LPN

    75 for both reading and math and 70 for language
  11. futurenurse1986

    lpn jobs

    As an lpn, would you get paid more at a nursing home vs. the hospital?
  12. futurenurse1986

    lpn to Rn bridge program Valencia college

    How long does the program last if you're doing the bridge program?
  13. futurenurse1986

    lpn life after graduation

    How long did it take you to find a job after graduating?
  14. futurenurse1986

    Nclex lpn retake limit

    Is there a retake limit for the LPN NCLEx for Florida?
  15. futurenurse1986

    Passing Hesi Score

    What is considered a "passing score" for Hesi at your school?
  16. futurenurse1986

    hesi help

    If you previously failed Hesi, how did you improve your scores?