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Are there any good cna crash courses in Orlando. Before starting the an LPN program I want to be certified as a cna so I can work part time while attending school. Any information helps :)


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I was told once you have taken your first few clases as an lpn you are able to get certified as a cna.


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I heard from someone that if you take LPN at Orlando Tech (in Downtown Orlando), there's a Nursing Assistant portion at the start of the program. So I guess you could work as a CNA while working on your LPN as well. Good luck to you.


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As the rest has mentioned, once you complete your first semester of nursing school, you will be able to challenge the CNA State exam and receive your certification (when passing of course).

Thanks for the response guys but I want to obtain the can certificate before I start the program

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Go to fl board of nursing website to find a list of approved providers. If you want a quick crash course go to prometric website for fl. There is a list of regional test providers some of them give 1 or 2 week crash courses to those who what to challange...its probably best to go to site where u plan to take the test

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