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  1. Blairsville

    I am looking for information about good places to work in Blairsville. Thanks!
  2. Sophia Learning to WGU?

    Has anyone successfully transferred credits earned through Sophia Learning to Western Governors University? Just asking the question before I waste my time and money on a few classes.
  3. Jersey College

    http://www.carleenhealthinstitute.org/ It is in Mi
  4. Am I out of options?

    I didn't give a rip about my grades back in my late teens, C's get degrees yada yada. When I was one class away from finishing my prerequisite for the nursing program at the local community college I met with the advisor who informed me I hade zero c...
  5. Tidewater Community College Spring 2020

    Do any of you know how many applied? How many available seats? Still 30 days and 30 nights?
  6. Has anyone else decided to switch from the area you were hired for (critical care) to med-surg during orientation? I have come to realize I am not ready to work critical care, I need a more solid nursing foundation, so I asked to switch. Just curious...
  7. New RN, just accepted a CCU job. Stethoscope?

    I am a new RN and I just accepted a position on the CCU. I still only have my $12 MDF stethoscope and would like to know if it is necessary/better to just fork over the big bucks for a cardiology type stethoscope? Can you recommend one? Dual head? I ...
  8. Pearson Vue Trick 2020

    License came in the mail! Trick works!
  9. Pearson Vue Trick 2020

    I hope it still works because I got the good popup!
  10. Is Jersey College good for me ????

    Jersey College is ACEN accredited now, woot woot!!!
  11. Lpn Rn bridge

    Many schools I looked at required at least one year of LPN job experience in order to apply for the bridge.
  12. Jersey college interview

    Did you all start? How is it going?
  13. Good nursing shoes for high arches

    I had to buy the ABEO 24/7 shoe. It is great because they come with custom insoles. I also have Altra running shoes, they are zero drop and have a wide toe box so your toes can spread naturally when you walk.
  14. Nursing schools in Florida?

    You will probably have to go to a for profit school, like me.
  15. Where can LVN work

    You could work in the jail.