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  1. Wannabeeinscrubs

    New RN, just accepted a CCU job. Stethoscope?

    I am a new RN and I just accepted a position on the CCU. I still only have my $12 MDF stethoscope and would like to know if it is necessary/better to just fork over the big bucks for a cardiology type stethoscope? Can you recommend one? Dual head? I have 13 days until orientation and would like to have by then. Thank you for any and all recommendations!
  2. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020

    License came in the mail! Trick works!
  3. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Is Jersey College good for me ????

    Jersey College is ACEN accredited now, woot woot!!!
  4. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Lpn Rn bridge

    Many schools I looked at required at least one year of LPN job experience in order to apply for the bridge.
  5. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Where can LVN work

    You could work in the jail.
  6. Wannabeeinscrubs

    North Florida LPN - RN

    Jersey College of nursing, they have a day 15 month, day 18 month and night 21 month option for LPN-RN bridge.
  7. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Tips For LPNs Going For Their RN Degree

    Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin VA. No wait and super cheap LPN-RN bridge. 12 month program
  8. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Jersey College Graduates check in

    Jersey College graduates please check in here! Were you able to continue your education after getting your RN? So many people talk smack about for profit schools, and the inability for those graduates to continue their education. Please check in and let me know if you were able to get your BSN and where. Thanks!
  9. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Tips For LPNs Going For Their RN Degree

    Who is doing a LPN-RN(BSN) online? Where are you going? Do you like it? How long have you worked as a LPN? How much are you paying out a month for the program? I am trying to figure out the best option for me to continue my education and continue to work full time.
  10. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Did you get a raise with IV certification?

    Nope, no raise. Just a $230 bill from the company I took the class from.
  11. At my orientation, we were told to turn out phones off and leave them in our bags. One nurse took her phone out and put it on the table, upside-down, I never saw her even look at it again. At lunch she was asked to leave, and her job offer was rescinded.
  12. Wannabeeinscrubs

    LPN to RN Jersey college

    Will you be starting there in Feb? I am thinking about going to the night program.
  13. Wannabeeinscrubs

    LPN to RN/BSN program Jacksonville

  14. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Cute Pediatric Nursing scrubs...where

    I found some cute Star Wars tops by Tooniforms, they had Frozen too! Kind of pricey...
  15. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Cute Pediatric Nursing scrubs...where

    Where do you find cute pediatric friendly scrub tops? Preferably, wash dry and wear, I hate ironing!
  16. Wannabeeinscrubs

    Fortis College?

    Fortis in the Hampton Roads area has a very bad reputation, I would avoid it at all costs. Accreditation matters if you ever want to further your career.

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