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  1. TipToeLPN

    Male starting LPN school

    Good luck! We had two male student in my class. One was in his mid forty's and had worked in a factory all his life. He did really well in school.
  2. I recently got a job at an assisted living facility. After I took the position I realized there is only one nurse on duty per shift. We only have 25 residents but, being a new grad it makes me kind of nervous being the only nurse in the building. During the week the DON is there until around 5:30, but after she leaves its just the nurse, nursing assistants and the residents in the building. How would you feel about this situation?
  3. TipToeLPN

    LPN to RN

    Why can't you continue to go online and at night?
  4. TipToeLPN

    what did you do in clinicals?

    I'm a new grad LPN and I feel like clinicals left me unprepared to be a nurse. During my clinical we mostly did nursing assistant work. I don't have problem with that because I was an STNA before. My clinicals mostly consisted of bed baths and toileting. I only had the opportunity to start one IV, and I only witnessed a few dressing changes. I passed meds for 3 days, which I feel like wasn't enough. I think clinical should be geared towards task that the nurse is mostly responsible for.
  5. TipToeLPN

    Can I work at Cleveland Clinic & Somewhere else?

    Yes, my clinical instructor/teacher in nursing school was a full time RN at the clinic. She also worked PRN for a flu clinic.
  6. TipToeLPN

    Passed Nclex PN with 205 Qs

  7. TipToeLPN

    Which path to choose?...

    I would choose LPN. LPNs have more options for jobs. LPNs can be surgical techs, surgical techs can't be LPNs. As the poster above said being a nurse and being a doctor are two different paths. Choose one or the other.
  8. TipToeLPN

    What to expect from clinicals?

    Congratulations on starting nursing school. I graduated in June and just passed my NCLEX last week. When I was in clinicals I found that the CNA's were extremely grateful for the extra help. They loved when we came. When my group first started clinicals we teamed up. I would assist them with their patient and they would assist me with mine. This helped me a lot.
  9. TipToeLPN

    Starting STNA Wage?

    In NE Ohio the pay is between $9-$13/hr. for STNA's
  10. TipToeLPN

    Lpn salary

    $17-$22/hr in NE ohio
  11. TipToeLPN

    My first job will be as an RN

    I know most place would prefer to hire a RN with CNA experience over someone without. I don't think it should count towards your pay.
  12. TipToeLPN

    My first job will be as an RN

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. CNA experience counting as RN experience? A RN with no CNA experience and a RN with 10yrs experience as a CNA, still have to through the same amount of training. I would be upset if I found out the RN next to me got paid more because she was an CNA before. The local hospitals around me don't count CNA experience as RN experience. I think the advantage of being a CNA first is it teaches you bed side manner.
  13. TipToeLPN

    Nursing school is no joke!

    The full time program were I attended has 5-6 test a week. That's part of the reason I choose part time. I felt like I would not be able to keep up. Good Luck!
  14. TipToeLPN

    Starting LPN classes summer term 2013....helppp!!

    Congratulations! I think you should start looking over your books now. Websites like Quizlet and Youtube helped me a lot.
  15. TipToeLPN

    Shoes for clinical rotation!

    Our program required shoes that were completely white. Most of the nursing programs in my area requires white shoes. I think shoe preference depends on each person. My classmate has a pair of shoes she got from Wal-Mart, I think they're Dr Scholls, and she swears by them. I have a pair of Sketchers that I love.
  16. TipToeLPN

    How long was your CNA school?

    Our class was 2 weeks.