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    Has anyone on here mentioned Uncalendar? I learned about it from allnurses and I love this thing! The Uncalendar Planner Review 2013 - YouTube

    I have my uncalendar that I used with a series of post it notes - each class gets it's own color. One side of the book is my schedule for the week, the other side is my post it notes, which I rotate in order of which class is top prioritity(goes on top) and I erase and add things to the post it notes as the week goes on. I carry over the post it to the next week if I don't complete everything on my list. A little type A but it helps me catch things since 100% of my short term memory is school related right now.

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    to do list movie - Bing Images

    Ha Ha thanks for the laugh and walk down memory lane. The new movie "To Do List" is using the Trapper Keeper logo when I saw the trailer that was the first thing I thought of!!
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    I am about to get a Filofax! I wanted something I can keep, and just replace the calendar in. And that I can customize (and there are a ton of different refils out there, on Etsy, and other places) I am getting the Calipso!
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    I'm in love with my large Lilly Pulitzer agenda.
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    I use the Google Calendar as well.
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    I love Plum Paper on etsy.com! You can design your planner format (weekly layout) & start your planner for whatever month you need. I just ordered an 18 month calendar from Fall 2014 until early spring 2016.
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    I use an Erin Condren life planner and I love it. I'm someone who needs color to focus my attention, and I love the layout of it. The fact that the covers are interchangeable are a plus! I have pics of how I use it for nursing school on my Instagram - bowsandcurtsies
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    I use a planner I bought in staples. I also use my google planner. In addition I also binded my chapters following the class syllabus. I went to staples to bind together my chapters. Ever since I binded my chapters my grades dusting my last two semesters of nursing school improved.

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