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  1. NiftyGirl2014

    CLINICALS!! What to expect?

    Honestly don't hang around the nurse's station and DON'T take up a seat at the nurse's station when there are nurses and techs that need to document on their patients. Answer call lights regardless if they're your patient or not. Help the techs out (plus they have tons of hacks on how to efficiently care & clean up patients), because you're bound to have some "down time" as a student when your nurse is charting. Be helpful without being in the way. Gauge your nurse's want to teach. If unfortunately you've been paired with a nurse that doesn't really have the time or doesn't want to take the time to teach you, just remain calm/respectful and help her as needed. Don't take it personally, everyone has their days and sometimes adding a student can become a burden. Now, if you get paired with a nurse that really seems to be the type to want to teach, utilize that resource but don't ask questions that could otherwise be looked up in a matter of minutes. Patients usually love students because they kind of know that they'll be receiving extra attention. Utilize your time wisely, check in on patients regularly, ask if they could use some thing (a fresh cup of ice water goes a long way), and so on. Towards the end of the day, my instructor even had us check patient rooms to make sure they're will stocked wth S, M, L gloves, gauze, tape, that med cabinets have syringes, etc. I think the biggest point I can get across is just be helpful. Don't waste valuable clinical time sitting at the nurse's station with other students chit chatting like there's nothing to be done.
  2. NiftyGirl2014

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I can't remember the name of the show, but a couple of months ago I was watching an episode where a "doctor" was administering insulin IM in the forearm. 😂
  3. NiftyGirl2014

    Where's my planner nerds at?!

    I absolutely love my Lily Pulitzer agenda, but once I finish my ADN, which luckily my planner will be finished by then, I'm going to try out the Erin Condren planner for my BSN!
  4. NiftyGirl2014

    Test day ritual?

    I always stop on the way and buy a small chocolate shake & listen to a specific playlist on my 30 minute drive. And I've sat at the same computer since I've started nursing school for every exam. On the rare occasion someone takes my seat, I get all flustered.
  5. NiftyGirl2014

    Intro to Nursing - Consists of?

    In my program, Intro to Nursing is an online class that gives an overview like a previous poster stated. We talked about the history of nursing, HIPAA, intraprofessional teams, the roles of a nurse and so on. Really easy class, lots of busy work but mostly interesting fun facts in my perspective. Now in January I start fundamentals and couldn't be more excited!
  6. NiftyGirl2014

    medsurge final exam

    Isn't this something that your instructor would let you know?
  7. NiftyGirl2014

    What like of supplies will I need for nursing school?

    I can promise you that posting the same question several times will not increase the likelihood that someone will reply. Your instructors will more likely than not tell you what you need for the course & in order to be successful. Some research in the archives on AllNurses might give you an idea of what you'll need. As for traditional school supplies, you can never go wrong with having enough pens & highlighters. Get yourself an agenda so that you can organize your assignments & other personal responsibilities outside of school. You'll more than likely need a watch & stethoscope. You just need to relax and don't let the pre class jitters get to you. I assure you that all the information you need will either be provided at orientation or in your syllabus on the first day of class.
  8. NiftyGirl2014

    Grading scale

    94-100 A 88-93 B 78-87 C Anything below a 78 is failing. No rounding and no +|- Also, our test average has to be a 78 or higher in order to pass the course.
  9. NiftyGirl2014

    First Fundamentals Exam went Awesome!

    Wow! Congratulations! Such an amazing accomplishment. I too would like to know what you use to practice problems! I love seeing these posts. It makes me feel like achieving the grades I want when I start in October won't be impossible. They just require the appropriate amount of time and effort. :)
  10. NiftyGirl2014

    Tips For Succeeding In Nursing School

    This was absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for posting! I'll definitely be referencing this closer to when the semester starts! Best of luck to everyone!