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  1. NiftyGirl2014

    Recommendation for comfortable nursing shoes

    I was having a lot of heel pain after my shifts, and needed new shoes. My Nike Free's weren't cutting it for me and I don't find clogs comfortable. Recently bought Nike Roche's and although I come home feeling tired. That exaggerated foot pain was gone. Love them. Also important to rotate your shoes so that they last longer. Personally I wear compression stockings & have eliminated leg pain after a shift. Hope you find something that suits your needs!
  2. NiftyGirl2014

    Nursing Student

    Don't procrastinate. For the love of God. I know. We say we won't but then we do. Just don't. Be proactive. Get ahead. Personally I liked hand writing my class notes as opposed to typing. I found it was easy to get distracted on my laptop and I can't tell you how many students end up on Facebook or Pinterest. Get a good agenda & stay faithful to it. Organize yourself & manage your time wisely. I loved color coding my classes and then notes if I got around to rewriting them. First day of clinical is always scary, but you'll get through it. Be helpful and attentive, not lazy & chatty with friends. Don't cram. Study. Study. Study. Do practice questions. Utilize your textbooks resources & ATI if your school uses it. Go in confidently and be prepared to soak information up like a sponge and make a change in someone's day. You have to see yourself as a winner in order to perform as one. Don't be arrogant but trust that you've adequately prepared and know the information on exam days. Do not let yourself drown in doubt. Be positive & be proactive.
  3. NiftyGirl2014

    CLINICALS!! What to expect?

    Honestly don't hang around the nurse's station and DON'T take up a seat at the nurse's station when there are nurses and techs that need to document on their patients. Answer call lights regardless if they're your patient or not. Help the techs out (plus they have tons of hacks on how to efficiently care & clean up patients), because you're bound to have some "down time" as a student when your nurse is charting. Be helpful without being in the way. Gauge your nurse's want to teach. If unfortunately you've been paired with a nurse that doesn't really have the time or doesn't want to take the time to teach you, just remain calm/respectful and help her as needed. Don't take it personally, everyone has their days and sometimes adding a student can become a burden. Now, if you get paired with a nurse that really seems to be the type to want to teach, utilize that resource but don't ask questions that could otherwise be looked up in a matter of minutes. Patients usually love students because they kind of know that they'll be receiving extra attention. Utilize your time wisely, check in on patients regularly, ask if they could use some thing (a fresh cup of ice water goes a long way), and so on. Towards the end of the day, my instructor even had us check patient rooms to make sure they're will stocked wth S, M, L gloves, gauze, tape, that med cabinets have syringes, etc. I think the biggest point I can get across is just be helpful. Don't waste valuable clinical time sitting at the nurse's station with other students chit chatting like there's nothing to be done.
  4. NiftyGirl2014

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I can't remember the name of the show, but a couple of months ago I was watching an episode where a "doctor" was administering insulin IM in the forearm. 😂
  5. NiftyGirl2014

    Where's my planner nerds at?!

    I absolutely love my Lily Pulitzer agenda, but once I finish my ADN, which luckily my planner will be finished by then, I'm going to try out the Erin Condren planner for my BSN!
  6. NiftyGirl2014

    Test day ritual?

    I always stop on the way and buy a small chocolate shake & listen to a specific playlist on my 30 minute drive. And I've sat at the same computer since I've started nursing school for every exam. On the rare occasion someone takes my seat, I get all flustered.
  7. NiftyGirl2014

    Nursing School Horror Stories

    My horror story was the anxiety I felt about starting nursing school because of all the things people had said, "you won't have a life" "you'll fail" etc. Then what do you know. I start nursing school and all those stories were just that, stories. Be organized, be diligent and manage your time and you won't experience the "horrors" of nursing school. Get adequate amounts of rest and exercise too. 👍
  8. NiftyGirl2014

    Nursing school bloopers

    I just kind of looked at the patient, they looked at me silently and then they said "Perhaps you should take the cap off dear." And then they started laughing. I will never forget that clinical experience lmao.
  9. NiftyGirl2014

    Nursing school bloopers

    I was doing my first glucose stick by myself and I don't know why I was so nervous over something so minor, but I tried to draw blood from a patients finger with the cap still on and I stood there like an idiot wondering why the needle wouldn't pop through for a dreadfully long 5 minutes . Truly one of the most embarrassing things I've experienced. Luckily the patient had a good sense of humor.
  10. NiftyGirl2014

    Planner for nursing school

    I absolutely adore my Lily Pulitzer agenda. I love having a hands on planner. There's enough room to write down due dates, and then the "tasks" you'd like to complete that day, and I color code everything. I've also heard fantastic things about the Erin Condren planner, and I might try that one out once I fill up my Lily one. Good luck!
  11. NiftyGirl2014

    Select All That Apply Q's - Help?

    I bought the Saunder's Comprehensive NCLEX Review that every one recommended. Truthfully, my first exam didn't have any topics relating to my NCLEX book so I didn't use it. But now for exam 2... That's another story. I look forward to really getting to use it this time. I think some people also recommend Fundamentals Success? It's like a white/light blue book I believe. I don't personally have it, but I hear good things about it. Good luck!
  12. NiftyGirl2014

    Select All That Apply Q's - Help?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Truly, put everything into perspective for me.
  13. NiftyGirl2014

    Select All That Apply Q's - Help?

    Hello all! I just had my first exam in fundamentals and I got an 80 . In order to pass the class our 3 exams (worth 50 points each) and our final exam (worth 100 points) has to be a 78 average. Clearly, 80 on the first exam is cutting it close to a passing grade. Upon reviewing my exam I found that all the questions that were marked wrong were select all that apply, not because I didn't select the correct ones, but because there was always another option I left out from the group. I really want to thrive in this class and my next exam is in two weeks. I feel that I understand the material, I was just wondering if there were any tips on how to tackle the select all that apply questions? Thank you in advance!
  14. NiftyGirl2014

    Intro to Nursing - Consists of?

    In my program, Intro to Nursing is an online class that gives an overview like a previous poster stated. We talked about the history of nursing, HIPAA, intraprofessional teams, the roles of a nurse and so on. Really easy class, lots of busy work but mostly interesting fun facts in my perspective. Now in January I start fundamentals and couldn't be more excited!
  15. NiftyGirl2014

    medsurge final exam

    Isn't this something that your instructor would let you know?
  16. NiftyGirl2014

    What like of supplies will I need for nursing school?

    I can promise you that posting the same question several times will not increase the likelihood that someone will reply. Your instructors will more likely than not tell you what you need for the course & in order to be successful. Some research in the archives on AllNurses might give you an idea of what you'll need. As for traditional school supplies, you can never go wrong with having enough pens & highlighters. Get yourself an agenda so that you can organize your assignments & other personal responsibilities outside of school. You'll more than likely need a watch & stethoscope. You just need to relax and don't let the pre class jitters get to you. I assure you that all the information you need will either be provided at orientation or in your syllabus on the first day of class.