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meeep has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. Average nurse/patient ratio?

    Highly recommend looking for an inpatient position at a teaching hospital. Ratios will be much safer than freestanding facilities. We staff by acuity so sometimes I have 1-2 patients but a normal assignment is 3 patients per RN. We have an admission/...
  2. Question to all nurses who work in Psych

    I work in inpatient acute psych. We occasionally will have patients with IV's, but it's typically only the sickest catatonic patients receiving fluids or an ativan challenge. For the most part, we do not accept patient's with IV's or with feeding tub...
  3. 5 Smart Goals

    A SMART goal is just an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based. OP - Are these goals for your own learning progression she wants you to set? Or goals with patients?
  4. University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    No, I didn't get a confirmation after I selected a time.
  5. University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    It’s possible they have different dates for the different tracks and haven’t sent out invites for the other specialties yet. They are doing the psych track interviews next week.
  6. University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    I received an interview invite today, so check your emails! :)
  7. RN career development path

    Has she looked into becoming an ND (naturopathic doctor) at all? That seems more suited than the NP role for her interests and goals.
  8. Report process

    I work in a 25 bed locked acute unit. We have a group report at the start of the shift with all the oncoming nurses/techs and charge RN. The charge RN goes over the highlights of the unit, any behavioral issues etc to be aware of, upcoming discharges...
  9. University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    A few of my co-workers are in the PMHNP program, and they said they received interview invites in December, for both December and January interview dates (I believe you sign up for a date & time that works for you). They received decisions in Feb...
  10. University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    I also applied for psych specialty!
  11. Suggestions and Tips for RN-BC PMHN Certification

    I took it recently and it wasn't too bad. There were a few pretty detailed questions that weren't covered in the book, but oh well, I still passed. I used the mometrix book posted above as well as the ANCC study guide for the exam. I mainly just skim...
  12. Staffing Ratios

    We definitely know how spoiled we are. We are hiring! They provide relocation assistance as well.
  13. Staffing Ratios

    I work for a private, not for profit hospital on a locked, acute psych unit and our ratios are almost always 1:3. Sometimes we are 1:4 if we are short but have never gone higher than that. Mood disorders, geri/med psych, and our adolescent psych inpa...
  14. Mayo Clinic 2016 Cohort

    There are two - beginning of July (I forget the exact date), and August 8.
  15. Emory is it really worth the money?

    Most BSN grads I know have gotten jobs in the units they wanted, regardless of school attended. I do not think it is something unique to Emory.