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meeep is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. meeep

    RN career development path

    Has she looked into becoming an ND (naturopathic doctor) at all? That seems more suited than the NP role for her interests and goals.
  2. meeep

    University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    I also applied for psych specialty!
  3. I took it recently and it wasn't too bad. There were a few pretty detailed questions that weren't covered in the book, but oh well, I still passed. I used the mometrix book posted above as well as the ANCC study guide for the exam. I mainly just skimmed those and did a bunch of practice exams to study.
  4. meeep

    Staffing Ratios

    We definitely know how spoiled we are. We are hiring! They provide relocation assistance as well.
  5. meeep

    Staffing Ratios

    I work for a private, not for profit hospital on a locked, acute psych unit and our ratios are almost always 1:3. Sometimes we are 1:4 if we are short but have never gone higher than that. Mood disorders, geri/med psych, and our adolescent psych inpatient units have the same ratios. I just can't imagine how you would be able to safely care for 10-15 patients per 1 nurse
  6. meeep

    Mayo Clinic 2016 Cohort

    There are two - beginning of July (I forget the exact date), and August 8.
  7. meeep

    Emory is it really worth the money?

    Most BSN grads I know have gotten jobs in the units they wanted, regardless of school attended. I do not think it is something unique to Emory.
  8. meeep

    Piedmont Residency Fall 2016

    Piedmont is one of the last of the area hospitals to open applications for their residency, so you may end up in a position of not knowing when other hospitals have already made offers. My suggestion would be to decide where you truly want to work and dedicate yourself to obtaining that goal.
  9. Look up categorical syllogism examples and quizzes. Almost the entire CT test consists of these! If you have taking a logic, critical thinking, or math modeling course, you will be somewhat familiar with these types of questions!
  10. meeep

    New Grad Residencies for Summer/Fall '16

    I am graduating at the same time and plan to apply to residency programs for summer, too. I believe the GMC August app was for the winter residency. I am planning to apply to Eastside, Northeast GA, Northside, Piedmont, Emory, Gwinnett, and the Savannah-area hospitals. I have family there and wouldn't mind going back.
  11. meeep

    CLASS OF 2016

    Nooooo. I want a few more weeks of summer
  12. meeep

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    Do you think your summer grades will bring you up to a 3.0? I think they do require that as a minimum, but you could email admissions and ask. If you have extenuating circumstances and your prerequisite grades are good, they may be willing to make an exception.
  13. meeep

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    Jayleen, a 3.5 is fine. What is your overall. Mercer does not just look at GPA. They look at the whole package of what makes you, YOU. They place a lot of emphasis on the essay. You can send in letters of recommendation and a resume of volunteer activities/life experience as well. They will accept supporting materials you think will bolster your application. I am not applying for fall, I will be a senior there in the fall. I am willing to answer any questions you have.
  14. meeep

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    GBCN class of 2017
  15. meeep

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    It has, Ashley
  16. meeep

    MSW to PMHNP/FNP (dangerous ideas!)

    The argument I have always heard is that the entirety of a pmhnp clinical hours are spent in psych, vs a PA's more generalist training.