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  1. RN_Incredible

    First Job, Nursing documentation

  2. RN_Incredible

    First Job, Nursing documentation

    Hello fellow readers, I began my first job a week ago. I am so excited and yet so anxious. So far, I have been only in a classroom setting for my orientation (Going over the new software for nursing documentation). I have not been on the floor yet, but I will be in a few days. I was practicing my documentation through the software and I realize I really need to practice. I would like to receive advice on how to improve my documentation and organization skills. Other tips and advice based on starting the first nursing job in a psychiatric unit re welcome!
  3. RN_Incredible

    nclex :(

    I am sorry you are feeling that way, but don't give up. I understand that it gets very frustrating. It is good to just vent and continue from there. Maybe it's test anxiety? I had the same issue. The key is to study questions 75 to 100/day. Do your best to not worry about what other people are doing, focus on yourself. You are going to pass the exam and you will see the words "pass" written below your name. If you need any advice or guidance let me know. I have a study calendar I used that helped me pass my exam. Perhaps it can help you. PM me if you wish
  4. RN_Incredible

    NCLEX-RN, Help?

    I mostly used Saunders, used the 30 day calendar that was on the Saunders CD. From there I actually used the kaplan program and the kaplan book. I used other books such as Davis and Lippincotts but not as much. I had two months until my exam date so I did about 75-100 questions a day. I studied minimum 4 hrs/day. The day before the exam, I did not study at all, it was a day off from anything nclex so I can feel refreshed for the next day. I made myself take 265 questions from kaplan only twice just to get in nclex mode (I did this a week before.) Be sure you understand the rationales of every question you review after you test youself each day. Review why a choice was wrong and why another choice is right. I think that is the end of my rant for now. If you have any other questions just PM me
  5. RN_Incredible

    Good books for a beginning Psych Nurse?

  6. RN_Incredible

    Good books for a beginning Psych Nurse?

    Hello everyone, I am a New Grad and was recently hired in an inpatient psychiatric unit. I was wondering if there are any books (and pocket guides) anyone would recommend (especially anything related to psych nursing). I was also wondering if there are any charting books anyone would recommend. So far I will be using my textbooks and my pharmacology drug guide as references but I really feel I should seek another source to help me with this transition. Any other tips/suggestions for a New Grad entering the Psych unit are also welcome! Thank you in advance!
  7. RN_Incredible

    How do you avoid distractions while studying?

    I saved up on some soundproof headphones. My main spots to study were my school library, coffee shops, and my kitchen. I woudl be sure I would have almonds on the side (any type of snack), it became a habit. I decided to take out chapters of my textbook and made my own booklet that was organized the way the chapters on my syllabus were set up. On my way to school and back home I would read on the train/bus or a few minutes before school. I would also record my classes and listen back to the recording immediately after class and jot down anything I might have missed during lecture. Prior to my last 2 semesters of nursing school, I had the worst test anxiety and I couldn't focus at all. However, after a few days of organizing myself before my semester started, I would organize myself to make sure I really am focused on what I am studying for my classes. Eventually, I found a way to study that really worked for me :)
  8. RN_Incredible

    Is it too soon to study for the HESI?

    I don't think so. I say the earlier you study the better. Just be sure you are aware of what portions of the HESI exam the school you are applying to will focus on for example will they emphasize the math and english portion more? What's the minimum score they will accept? etc. I used the Evolve HESI study book, that alone helped me pass my exam to enter the Nursing program in my university. Good luck!
  9. RN_Incredible

    Study tips for A and P classes and micro.

    I would say using Quizlet, using a recorder (there are apps that you can download on yor ipad or phone to record a class), going over notes after class, flashcards and be sure you are on top of your syllabus day to day. Adding a tutor will definitely help as well. Good luck!
  10. RN_Incredible

    New Grad in psych nursing. Need advice.

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! For your advice =) I really needed it. I will definitely keep this in mind everyday! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  11. RN_Incredible

    New Grad in psych nursing. Need advice.

    Hello everyone! Well first I like to provide the good news that I obtained my first RN job in the psychiatric unit a few days ago. I am doing the paperwork necessary to submit in order to begin my job sometime next month. I also decided to go read my Saunders book and refresh myself with the psychiatric drugs I will most likely encounter. However, I really like the way I am preparing myself is not enough. Therefore, I have three questions/concerns that have been on my mind lately and I would love to hear feedback from anyone. 1. Are there any resources or tips that anyone can provide me regarding the psychiatric field? For example, what are a few ways you would recommend me to prepare myself in order to prepare for any type of psychiatric emergency? 2. I hear often that a nurse would "lose his/her skills" in the psych unit. I don't really have those skills to begin with, but I would like to know, exactly how should I focus on obtaining theses skills (e.g. Inserting an IV)? Would it be a good idea to ask my Nurse manager/supervisor for help pertaining to this? 3. I want to really improve on my assessment and documenting prior to beginning my job. Are there any resources or tips available that can help me with this? I hope to hear from someone soon and I apologize if my questions sound kind of silly, but this is my first job within the nursing field. So please have patience and bear with me . Thank you in advance and happy holidays!
  12. RN_Incredible

    Critical Care Fellowship

    Did your colleague have anything in his resume that stood out? Did he have any relevant experience? Just wondering. I just found out about the fellowship today, according to the onlinepost the deadline is tomorrow so I hope it isn't too late. I spend so much money on certifications and did so much volunteering that I don't know what else to do. No calls...nothing. I am hoping maybe this fellowship could give me some luck. I wish the best for everyone though
  13. RN_Incredible

    volunteering at Bellevue

    It is definitely a good idea to have volunteering in your background, but don't rely on it too much. It will help you network and know any opportunities available within that specific hospital. However, there is no guarantee. I think you should do it, some people get really lucky and if it does not work out, at least you have something to spice up the resume
  14. RN_Incredible

    Long Island University Brooklyn

    Oh okay OB health assessment and psych. Best advice I can give you is to use as many nclex resources you can. For psych, you could memorize the slides and you will be fine. Health assessment, I can recall relying only on what I learned in lab which helped me feel less confused for the HA exams. For OB, all practice questions. I believe med surg success for maternity nursing really helped. I borrowed the book though. SO if you can find someone who can let you borrow it or scan the questions at least it should help. If you need tutoring let me know.
  15. RN_Incredible

    Nursing Mentor Wanted (For New Grad)

    It is fine, I would need any help I can get really. You don't have to be in psych to be my mentor. I will find another way (plus I am still waiting to see if I will really be in the psych unit).