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ebinbrooklyn has 5 years experience and specializes in surgical, geriatrics.

Second degree student applying for Fall 2013, never not hustlin'.

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  1. Last Week LICH Now Interfaith?

    I'm finishing my BSN next summer and I'm already a mess and losing sleep over the job situation...this just makes it all worse. I knew things would be hard, that I had timed this really poorly (I waited until I was financially ready and had savings.....
  2. What type of agenda do you use for nursing school?

    Has anyone on here mentioned Uncalendar? I learned about it from allnurses and I love this thing! The Uncalendar Planner Review 2013 - YouTube I have my uncalendar that I used with a series of post it notes - each class gets it's own color. One side ...
  3. help! SUNY downstate? Hunter-bellevue? or NYU nursing?

    Try a few SUNY schools? Almost same price point - unfortunately there's only one SUNY BSN program in NYC but if you're willing to go to Long Island there's more.
  4. help! SUNY downstate? Hunter-bellevue? or NYU nursing?

    Lehman does have an accelerated program, but here's where it gets tricky: YOU CAN ONLY APPLY TO ONE CUNY NURSING SCHOOL AT A TIME AND YOU MUST ALREADY BE AN ADMITTED STUDENT. It's a massive pain in the... If you're going to Hunter, that means you app...
  5. Just curious... What was everyones NLN score?

    155...and I still didn't get into my top program pick
  6. Pace ABSN program starting 2013

    I got a call last week to interview, which I declined since I'm in my second semester at another school with no plans to leave. So if that's the case, they must still be accepting people or are having a hard time filling the class. It's pretty late i...
  7. Buy or Rent Nursing Textbooks

    Renting seems like it's not that much of a cost saving - so for that reason and that reason alone I would buy so I could try and recoup some of the costs. I usually try to speak to the previous class to see if there's any changes between editions and...
  8. Excited! Got accepted into Sigma Alpha Pi!

    Congrats! That's definitely a feather in your cap
  9. Nursing Shoes

    We're not allowed to wear clogs (preceptor decided she doesn't like them) so I had to find a shoe that is sneaker style with a closed top. I just bought Sketchers slip ons Amazon.com: Skechers Women's Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker, White, 10 M: Shoe...
  10. What specialty do you want and not want to work in?

    Want: ED, trauma, surgery, flight, infectious disease. I've worked LTC and it's not so bad--mostly boring. Might be a nice option for later in life when I'm tired of fast paced go go go. Don't want: Peds. L&D - it's beautiful, sure, but oh lordy...
  11. Best type of computer for school

    I actually have the transformer as well - what do you use in place of microsoft office? I've tried Cloud On but it's terrible and slow, and Polaris office has been really unreliable. And how can I turn off the darned mouse pad - it's driving me craz...
  12. Best type of computer for school

    I have a tablet with a keyboard that attatches (a convertible tablet) and not having Word/Excel/Ppt on my tablet or home computer has been an exercise in non stop frustration. Everyone uses Word--there's some programs that are similar but not the sam...
  13. Med Math Examples

    Okay, I'm' reviving this :) - my prof gave us a huge medmath worksheet to have done before the first day of class. I read the chapter in the book at it was absolutely no help. If anything it just made me more confused. Got together with a few other s...
  14. Downstate? YES. Do it if you can :) Just finished patho, it was VERY challenging (I had 3 classes and my studying was 80% patho, 10% other classes). I know they will take patho but I would double check on pharm (starting that this week so I can't tel...
  15. So...what is nursing school EXACTLY like?

    The only thing I can say (and I'm closing out my first semester) is take advantage of every opportunity that you have in terms of your education. If you're having a hard time grasping things and your school has a learning center, USE IT. I never both...