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  1. Workload average

    I'm trying to understand what is the average/usual workload for MDS nurses... What is the average ratio MDS nurse/patient in a facility? Do MDS nurses initiate care plans? Do MDS nurses update care plans? CMS802... do MDS nu...
  2. Holiday pay... to work or not to work?

    Please help me settle a discussion we had at work this week: as a Title38 nurse at the VA, I was always told it makes no difference whether you work the actual day of a holiday or not, you still get paid the same (if you're getting your full 12hrs th...
  3. VA Nurse II Proficiency Assistance

    It can be very frustrating. I had the experience, my BSN, was on multiple committees, implemented changes, did education projects, was charge, preceptor, checked off all the boxes, had top reviews from my manager and was still refused. My manager reb...
  4. Safe Patient-Nurse Ratio

    Reading this is giving me ptsd. I just wanted to acknowledge your post; the expectations are unrealistic. I hope you found a better position!
  5. DFW area: dialysis vs acute care pay?

    Is there a huge pay difference between dialysis (clinic) and hospital acute care nursing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? I've always been acute care. Moving to DFW and thinking I'd like to try something else.
  6. Would you hire?

    Quality responses all around; thank you so much for the constructive feedback!
  7. Would you hire?

    Thank you for your thoughts. The last thing I want is to appear only self-interested. I also don't want to appear to presume my way is the best; I am mostly wanting to inquire about details that are not usually listed in the job description. Mixing ...
  8. Would you hire?

    Thank you for the feedback. I think a healthy interview process should have some two-way exchange but wasn't sure what opinions were are on the other side of the fence. Much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Would you hire?

    I'm moving this summer and will need to interview for new positions. I am starting to work on my resume and preparing for the interview process but am wondering about this part of the interview: "Do you have any questions about the position or this u...
  10. Life after medsurg...

    hherrn: Would a nurse with only medsurg/tele experience be "hireable" in a cath lab position? momto5RN: I was actually looking at dialysis nursing. Any thoughts on clinic vs inpatient for a newbie?
  11. Life after medsurg...

    So I'm moving this summer; new state, new job! I want to take this opportunity to make a change in my practice. I've been medsurg/tele since I started nursing, 4 years now. Lately I feel like all I do is run around all day, jack of all trades but mas...
  12. THR Fort Worth (Bedford)

    Looking for information on working at Texas Health Harris in Bedford... - What is the culture like? Are nurses happy there? Good teamwork? (medsurg/tele) - Is management supportive? - Possibility advancement/growth? - Approximate pay range (Medsurg/t...
  13. UTA FNP - online vs traditional?

    I am trying to get more information on UTAs (Arlington) traditional brick and mortar nurse practitioner program (MSN, any specialty). I am finding mostly opinions and reviews on the online program but have heard the traditional is different. -Are the...
  14. What type of agenda do you use for nursing school?

    I just copy the schedule part of the syllabus in Word, remove other clinical groups' stuff, color code my exams, due dates, vacations and such with highlighters, and print out. I keep it at the start of my class notes and cross out as the semester go...
  15. Current (2012) Wait List for Butler Community College

    Application period for Butler's nursing program is ongoing for the Fall (2012) but deadline is coming soon. I'm not sure when you were planning to try and attend; your post doesn't say. They use a point based system to determine acceptance into the p...