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GingerRN17 has 1 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. GingerRN17

    OU Traditional Fall 2015

    Oh and I didn't specify, but I will be going to the Tulsa campus. :)
  2. GingerRN17

    OU Traditional Fall 2015

    I was wait-listed and just got the call that I go an open spot!! I will join the FB group! I haven't done orientation yet (they are having a makeup on the 2nd week of July) so I am completely in the dark on everything! Im excited to meet everyone!
  3. GingerRN17

    CNA monthly salary?

    I work at St. Johns in Tulsa and make $13.09/hr So better paying jobs are out there!
  4. GingerRN17

    I hate my new CNA job

    That doesnt sound understaffed at all to me. I can have 14-16 patients by myself at nights on my unit...and they only staff one CNA at night...so its you when you are there! The first few months at any new job are HARD. It takes time to know what you are doing and feel comfortable. Give it time!
  5. GingerRN17

    CNA to BSN

    A lot of nursing programs require you to have your CNA before you apply...but it won't take any time off your schooling. It will still be 2 years of pre-nursing pre-reqs and then 2 years at a nursing program. Don't give up before you even get there! There is a lot of financial aid out there for people who don't have the means. Plus, going to a community college for the first 2 years during those pre-req classes is a lot cheaper then taking them at a university.
  6. GingerRN17

    Interviewed in August

    Congrats! Sometimes it takes a while to hear back!
  7. GingerRN17

    Hospital Scholarship?

    I am already in a flex position at the hospital, and the said students can work as little as needed to keep up with school. They even have a "senior nursing student" position that you can get into your 2nd year. I am not yet accepted into the program, but the university I am going to works directly with this hospital with its students. You have to have a certain GPA to get the grant (2.0) but there arent any stipulations about keeping a certain grade while in the nursing program from what I can tell. And being an employee there already, I can skip the interview portion of the process.
  8. GingerRN17

    Puppy and nursing school?

    Puppies are a LOT of work. A LOT. House training, chewing, needing attention, digging, tearing up stuff, needing to go outside every hour at first...if you want a dog, get an older dog. We just adopt senior dogs, and they are so much easier (usually already house broken, trained, not hyper). Less work means less anxiety to me. :)
  9. GingerRN17

    Hospital Scholarship?

  10. GingerRN17

    Hospital Scholarship?

    The hospital I work for offers $10k for employees to get their BSN (the program here at the state university is $18k, so that is a huge chunk of it!) in exchange for a 2 year contract to work for them as an RN. Have/Are any of you taking adventage of a scholarship like this? My main concern was ending up in a job that I hate...but the first year there, I can do a rotation and spend 6 weeks in all the different units to see where I would like to be full time. And after 6 months anywhere, I can always move units if needed. This hospital is known to be the best in the area, is the only magnet hospital in the region, and is where I ultimately want to be long term Are there any downsides I am not thinking of?
  11. GingerRN17

    Undecided male nursing student

    Doesn't sound like you would be very happy with nursing...?
  12. GingerRN17

    What color are your scrubs?

    Hunter Green. Solid matching top or print. Im a CNA in Peds
  13. GingerRN17

    Ebola here in Dallas USA

    I just saw that. At least we know how to contain it, and how to keep it from spreading and the CDC was ready for this. Could have been a lot worse.
  14. GingerRN17

    Is shift differential hourly or per shift?

    Its almost always hourly from what I have seen. But definitely ask and make sure!
  15. GingerRN17

    how to prepare for working night shift hours

    Black out curtains, melatonin and a fan for noise canceling are my friends :)
  16. GingerRN17

    Reading in Nursing School

    I found that many chapters have objectives and summaries after each section. I go over those, and if I need clarification on something I will read that section. There is no way to get all of the reading done! Nurse Nacole (youtube) had a great video(s)on reading and taking notes.