What kind of jobs do nursing students have?

  1. 1 While in nursing school, I mean.

    I know that many work part-time in a wide variety of positions, but I also know many work in health-care related fields too. I was wondering what type of health-care roles others here had worked.

    With my first (and most difficult) quarter over, I figure I should get a job so I won't have to totally depend upon student loans (I could do it, but why live in poverty if you don't have to?). I'd like to get something in health care for the experience, the only problem being that I don't have any health care experience except for this first quarter of nursing fundamentals. I could work part-time in another field but why not start putting those skills to use...
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    The types of jobs that many nursing students have (healthcare or otherwise):

    1. CNA (certified nurse assistant)
    2. Unit secretary; also known as 'ward clerk'
    3. Phlebotomist; phlebotomy technician
    4. Home health aide
    5. Hospital housekeeper/janitor
    6. Restorative nursing assistant
    7. Medication tech; medication aide
    8. Waiter, server
    9. Bartender
    10. EMT (emergency medical technician)
    11. Pharmacy technician
    12. Hospital transport person
    13. Van driver
    14. Cashier
    15. Dietary aide
    16. Hospital launderer
    17. Direct care staff member
    18. Personal caregiver
    19. Housecleaner
    20. Lawn care
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    I do lawn care and home health.
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    I work part time in an elder care hospital, its pretty full on stuff and I'm going to turf it in Feb (the start of my final term) cos I want to focus on my studies and I'm sick of getting rung up and asked to work when I've told them plenty of times I can't work that particular day/shift because I have clinical/study/exam/essay et cetera that I have to do.

    I guess its the curse of such gross staff shortages. But for what they pay, I can understand why!

    Anyway, a bunch of the people in my class have varying jobs, and just not in health, one works in a cinema, others in resturants and supermarkets.
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    my jobs while in nursing school:
    cashier at a grocery store
    student nurse assistant
    externship for 400 hours that they PAID me for
    currently am a healthcare tech in the hospital I did the externship at
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    We do remodeling and interiors.
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    I know from my own experience that as an LPN student I could only find a job in LTC as an aide. I wasn't interested in it nor did I want to make a commitment after graduation. I tried local hospitals but the only tech positions were for RNs not LPNs. I also applied for anything from dietary positions to housekeeping with no luck. I also did not want a non-healthcare job. I wanted to get my feet wet in an area I was interested in. No luck. I hope you are more successful than I was.
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    I am a full time clinical research coordinator conducting clinical trials in pulmonary and allergy-immunology medicine. In another life I was a phlebotomist and I have also been a pharmacy technician.
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    20 yrs ago during my first go around w/Nursing school, I was a CNA and a pharmacy tech (of course that long ago, we didn't have that fancy smancy title).

    During pre-reqs, I was a volunteer EMT, and my paid job was Health Claims Analyst.

    Currently, I'm attending LPN school, and I have the same Health Claims Analyst job. Difference this time and while taking pre-reqs is now I work from home making it much easier for me now.
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    I have two job options. I call them options because in both of them I pretty much make my own schedule, so if I can't work I don't have to but I still have a job. One is working for an agency as a CNA. I get paid decent (I get paid 13 an hour, but I know a girl in a nearby town in our program who gets 18 an hour) and I only work when I tell them I can (of course they have to have a need, it's not like I just show up and say 'put me to work!'). The only down side is working an 8 or 12 hour shift. Sometimes I'd rather not do that if I can spend the time studying. My second job is a high school sports official. Football, baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball. Doing this you get paid on a per-game basis (usually about 30 bucks a game) plus mileage, and it's usually a double header. You don't make as much as you would if you were working full-time, but you do make more hourly (averages out to about 22 bucks an hour, depending on the game length) and you only work a few hours a week. If you want any more info feel free to email me
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    After doing a student nurse internship this summer, I've stayed on prn as a tech. I'm very prn however, scheduling only 2 or so days each month until the winter break. It's a pretty good gig and pays well!!
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    I work part time in an MedSurg ICU as an nurse extern. You see much of what you hear in class. It helps (i think) more than school sometimes, ICU staff are usually smart people willing to teach you. pay is low, but experience worth weight in gold.
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    During nursing school
    I am so far a
    HUC/NA - Health unit coordinator and a cna (for 5 years now)
    I am also a SNI - student nurse intern

    I think it is always good to get some real hands on exp. with the patients while in school.
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