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  1. treysdaddy08

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    First union I can recall, was led by the founding fathers. Second was led by Abe Lincoln, and continued by Rosa Parks, et al. A union is a group of people that sacrifice, so that their successors can have it better than they did.
  2. If one side is wrong, then women are having to carry a fetus to birth and most likely give their child up for adoption. If the other side is wrong, then we commit millions of murders. No two ways about it. You'd better be right, or you are a murderer.
  3. "Um, no. This is yet another example of why you cannot trust Fox News. Attorneys for the hospital had already notified the court that it would not require nurses to participate in the training or any service related to abortion prior to a hearing on Nov. 18. The judge in the case then issued a "let's make it clear" temporary restraining order, which is standard in this type of case. The hospital still maintains that it does not require nurses to participate in abortion if it offends their religious beliefs. Curiously, Fox continues to leave that out." According to whom? If you're going to call a news source wrong that IS quoting sources, you should quote sources of your own.
  4. treysdaddy08

    Do you love being a nurse?

  5. I hate that response. "Do you remember being a fetus?" That's asinine. Do you remember being a two week old? No? Guess that thrown the argument right out that window! Oh, and the feeling pain? How do they know? The only thing we KNOW about science is they they are wrong, A LOT!! Science "knew" the earth was the center of the universe. Science "knew" the earth was flat. Science "knew" that cigarettes were healthy, (back in the early 1900's). Science, "knows" a lot that proves to be wrong. And like the pp said, you haven't given a GOOD reason why abortion should be allowed, other than you can't see the fetus, but you can see the mother. One thing we KNOW is that given the natural progression, that fetus WILL become a living human being, and we are stopping it because it's an, "inconvenience" for the mother. You'd better be damn certain you're right, otherwise you ARE committing murder due to an, "inconvenience". Nothing more.
  6. treysdaddy08

    More CNA woes.

    You are the one bragging about edu ational superiority, not I. And IMO, if you have a masters degree and are working for CNA wages, then yes, your degree isn't worth what you wipe up all shift.
  7. treysdaddy08

    More CNA woes.

    your education is superior to that of a nurses? How? Nurses are educated to make extremely quick decisions in high pressure situations that can save a life-or end it, if they make the wrong decision. A nurse is the last line of defense after a doc and a pharmacist when it comes to the meds a pt receives. We had better be right, and better be sure we are right, or patients may die. Please tell me what education is supirior to that?
  8. treysdaddy08

    More CNA woes.

    Actually, in all states the CNA works under the en license. People seem to forget that CNA is NURSEs ASSISTANT!!! They're not thier own job, I'm sorry to say. In nursing school you are taught that, legally, ALL patient care is your responsibility, and you can delegate certain particulars about said care to a CNA. But if that care isn't done, ie if VS aren't done or are made up, it's not the CNA that the BON will go after if something bad were to happen, it's the RN. A CNA has a difficult job, but honestly if they lose thier license they can find another. If an RN were to lose thier license bc of neglect by an aid, they just lost out on an entire career and those 4 years of schooling. There is a huge difference btw cna and rn, the the aides work directly affect the rn's job security.
  9. treysdaddy08

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    I should have been more specific. My mo was an aide fir 25 years in a hospital and was 51. She new what she was signing when she chose to go full code status.
  10. treysdaddy08

    disappointed in myself

    This will probably be a bit of a long one... So I started my pre-req's for the local nursing program 5 (yes, 5!!!) years ago. I completed them in the normal time frame of 2 years. I didn't apply the following year to said nursing program b/c I didn't have speech done and I didn't think that I would get in. I did apply and get in the following year (2 years ago) but due to some personal circumstances I dropped the program at the end of the second quarter. My wife and I got married, we were expecting a child, I wasn't doing as well as they wanted me to with my care plans (one of the clinical instructors had nicknamed herself the care plan nazi) and my family had just found out that my mother was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and was given one year to live. this was all in jan-feb of 08. Well, this year I had applied to a different Nursing program thinking that a change of scenery would be good and I got accepted. But then the tragedy hit...my mom went to be with our Lord on May 31st of this year. I was pretty emotionally hit by that as she grew up my best friend. Watching her die for 3 days was not something I wanted to witness again. I emailed the school that I had been accepted to and withdrew my application. I have now come to realize that being with sick people, helping someone in thier time of most need, is what I've always wanted to do. Unfortunately b/c of my withdraw, I'll have to re-apply next year and not start until next september. I'm not worried about being accepted since I have already been accepted 3 times into various programs. But the waste of this next year, not being in school at all or getting closer to my degree and finally being done, is wearing on me. I want to be able to support my wife and son, and I want to start my career. I also HATE the thought that it will take me EIGHT years from start to finish, albeit 3 of those years I wasn't in school at all. What I could really use now are words of encouragement. P.S. He was born Sep 23rd of 2008. 6lb 12.3oz :)
  11. treysdaddy08

    Are you aware of how you conduct yourself in public?

    Are you, "Allowed" by HIPPA to talk about a pt at the nurses station? No. Why not? It's a violation of that pts privacy. If you walk up to a pt in the middle of the store and ask, "how they are feeling" then you are divulging that they were in the hospital which is a violation of HIPPA in-and-of itself.
  12. treysdaddy08

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    My mom is full code, and has stage 4 endometrial cancer. She was given 6-12 months to live 15 months ago. She now appears to be on "deaths doorstep" and still chooses to be a full code. Should we tell her that she shouldn't be because it annoys you? She shouldn't want an extra few weeks with her grandchildren before she passes on? She shouldn't want to see her son's birthday wich is just a few weeks away, maybe see her youngest grandchild crawl for the first time? Just tell her, "You're going to die anyways, why not get it over with". Code status is a persons choice and NO ONE should feel like they "have" to go before their ready. P.S. On your 80th birthday are you changing your code status?
  13. treysdaddy08

    Was this really a HIPAA violation

    1) You weren't working, weren't discussing a pt that you had while working, and did not share information about any pt with ANYONE. 2) Obvious. You had a release. You can't violate someone's privacy if you have a legal document stating that they have no privacy 3) If anyone was in violation it was the nurse. She didn't check the records and gave (Potentially) sesitive material to someone that she (allegedly) shouldn't have. Simply asking to have something typed up is not a HIPPA violation.
  14. treysdaddy08


    Your point makes no sense. And I agree, you don't sound like a student. You sound like a CMA. When a nurse has to work (hard!) for 4+ years to get her license, they're going to be cautious about it. If I hear a call bell going off, how do I know it's not someone who has fallen and is bleeding from the head, or choking, or stuck somewhere? I assume that the NAC under the nurse (I was/will be a student [long story]) is answering that call light. If I know s/he's not on the floor then I also know I have to get to it. 2 minutes can make a HUGE difference in that amount of time. And up to this point no one on the board has been sarcastic and rude...except you.
  15. treysdaddy08

    To round OFF or Not To round OFF

    I'm also in school and we have problems like this often. Our instruc. tells us to round off everytimes EXCEPT in peds cases. Her theory is that because children are so small and are so sensitive to drugs, you need to be precise in measuring doses. So I would say that your dose is not safe.
  16. treysdaddy08

    Retire by 30, thanks nursing!

    Nursing is not unhealthy, overworking is. Stress is. These are traits of nursing, but they're also traits of being a lawyer, doctor, or many other jobs. Nursing is a rewarding career