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    So excited my orientation is tomorrow, and I feel like a lil kid on Christmas Eve :-)

    Tell me about your 1st Nursing Orientation.....
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    I just had orientation last week. It really made everything seem REAL instead of just a dream, does that make sense? It was also great to see people who have been in my pre-req classes who made it in to the program. We have a lot of paperwork to complete between now and July 7th. Background check, fingerprinting, vaccination records, etc.

    I ordered my scrubs for nursing school on Friday and they said it would take 3 weeks to arrive because they have to get custom-embroidered with our school's logo. Picked up my stethoschope (Littman Classic SE II), medimeter, penlight & scissors. Just trying on the scrubs in the uniform shop made me feel like "I'm really on my way to being a nurse!" All that hard work of pre-reqs is behind us now Now, nursing school is looming ahead. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

    You are correct, it definitely felt like being a kid on Christmas Eve! We're having Orientation Part #2 about 2 weeks before school starts. Can't wait for August to get here

    Enjoy your orientation tomorrow. Can't wait to hear all about it!
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    I'm so jelly My orientation is not until May 29th.
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    <------ August. Impatient.
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    Had mine a couple of weeks ago. It did make it seem real! There are some strict rules about dress code, I will say that. Not that I won't/can't follow the rules, but I think it is interesting how strict they are on ear piercings and hair color/accessories. Anyway, good thing I'm not planning a funky new hair color. I already completed most of my paperwork like fingerprinting and vaccinations. I start in August! This is probably the one time in my life when I am glad I have a couple of months to chill before I hit the books again. This past year of school was exhausting!
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    Well mine isn't until September! So far away, and I am so impatient! I feel like most of us have probably waited long enough already
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    My orientation is May 20th... I am so excited...
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    If I get in, then orientation would be August 7th! I won't know anything until late June/ early July .
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    I have to wait until August. At least the info package gave me some things to work on until then.
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    I also have to wait until the end of June for my orientation But in the meantime I've been doing all of my compliances (which cost a fortune, might I add!)

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