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  1. stephanie.

    Kennesaw State Fall 2013 Applicants

    There are a wide range of students in our class. Some have a low 3.0-ish GPA and others have a 4.0. Most importantly, do your best on the TEAS and be confident/honest during your interview. Its a package deal- I think they care more about sciences and math than the English/psych component. Good luck.
  2. stephanie.

    When do you start your fall class?

    aug 16th!!
  3. stephanie.

    T minus 39 days til nursing school starts!!!!

    One month from tomorrow!
  4. stephanie.

    Parents' fear of vaccination nearly killed their son

    I delay vaccinated my most recent child. I never had more than 2 vaccines given to him at a time and I don't think that makes me a horrible mother or human being or one day a nimwhit nurse . By the time he was a little less than 2 y/o he was completely up to date- I worked with my Dr. to arrange a different schedule and it worked out really well for us. The only vaccines I've refused for my kids are the varicella and flu. Personal choice. Thanks.
  5. My university has an ADN to MSN but you gain your BSN on the way. Last I checked university of South Carolina does too and some online programs as well.
  6. stephanie.

    transferring bsn nursing credits

    Our school takes up to 15 nursing transfer hours.
  7. stephanie.

    Extremely Overweight Nurses

    I have to agree. I don't think the OP was saying that an overweight nurse isn't capable of being a good nurse- But as caregivers we aught to be setting an example for those we are caring for. I come from a place of non-judgment. Every single person in my family is overweight with the exception of 4 of us. And we 4 live totally different lifestyles than everyone else- by choice. You don't need to be thin to be healthy and active. We are all human. Nurses, Drs, teachers, electricians are all subject to the same lifestyle and health issues. Drugs, alcoholism, obesity... But aren't these issues choices? We aren't born that way are we? As someone who has lost about 40 pounds from her peak weight- I had to take responsibility for my lifestyle and stop making excuses. If I didn't I would have ended up like every woman in my family! A vast majority of obese persons are in the spot they are in because they have made poor lifestyle choices. Sure there are factors such as depression or other physiological issues that start the snowball effect- but not everyone is subject to HAVING to live life in that manor. But why people are obese isn't the issue. It's the whole "Do as I say, not as I do" mentality. Why in the world would i take advice from a medical provider who does t follow his own teaching? Or trust a dentist who has bad teeth? Why choose a lifestyle that inhibits life? My first year of college I had an amazing teacher for med term that I absolutely adored. She is an RN. I think about her often. She was at the extreme end of morbidly obese- she was to the point that her skin wouldn't heal itself and she could barely breathe as she walked down the hall. But she came to class everyday with a super sized McDonald's Coke. Sure she taught well and was likable. But half The time all I could think of was that this woman's knows the consequences of her actions, she sees it at work everyday, yet she is still making those choices. Why? She's one of the lucky ones who KNOWS what poor lifestyle choices can do to you unlike most Americans who are slightly/mostly oblivious. It's hard to respect that. And although her size never limited her knowledge or standard of care given, it limited the way she could perform her tasks. She couldn't bend over or move easily. And I can only imagine that in small patient rooms there would even be issues with coworkers being able to move freely. I
  8. stephanie.

    Is night shift healthier for some people?

    Why don't you do some research of your own? Read a couple of journal articles- that way you can chill.
  9. stephanie.

    Is night shift healthier for some people?

    I'm wondering of those risks are higher with night shift workers who are not "natural" owls but larks.
  10. stephanie.

    Not immune to mmr

    I came back equivocal for rubella on my titers and had to get a booster shot- and now have to have titers drawn again to show immunity. It's a $100. Ridiculous. They require proof of immunity at my school.
  11. stephanie.

    Opinion on your uniforms?

    Our school is all white everything. This year we have the option between the zip top or a more form fitting crossover top. Sadly both tops are $39 EACH. Pants $25. Unreal.
  12. stephanie.

    Extremely Overweight Nurses

    I LOVE LoseIt!! I track everything on that app.
  13. stephanie.

    Kennesaw State Fall 2013 Applicants

    I got in with an 88.7, obviously other things come into play, buy that's a great score. I wouldn't be worried.
  14. stephanie.

    Kennesaw State Fall 2013 Applicants

    It's my understanding its just the overall score. If you do bad in a section it will reflect in the total score anyway. How did you do?
  15. stephanie.

    Question for atheist nurses

    I've seen plenty of religious threads commented on by atheists chiming in their 2 cents.