Only wanting one area of nursing?

  1. Is it just me, or am I crazy?

    I'm in nursing school right now and I have NOOO desire to work in a hospital. None. Is this normal? I feel weird for wanting to be a nurse but hating the hospital... I'm just trying to get through the clinicals and graduate, so I can go the area I really want to be in: Geriatrics.

    l LOVE working with the geriatric population, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer's. I have been working for the past 4 years as a CNA in assisted living/LTC, and I plan on staying there when I graduate as a nurse. I really feel like it's my calling.

    I just feel weird because most people in my nursing class hate LTC, and they all want to work in either ER, L&D, or ICU.

    Am I the only wacko here?
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  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I think it's good, we need nurses everywhere. There are a few people in my class that want nothing to do with hospital nursing. I spent a day in the ICU and I didn't like it at all. I went into nursing for L&D as well and after a clinical there, it's not what I thought. Maybe down the road I will rethink it. I did however LOVE the ED!
  4. by   Moogie
    Not at all! Gerontology nurses are desperately needed in subacute care, long-term care, primary care, education, and research. It's a growing field due to increasing numbers of elderly in the population as well as the increase in prevalence of Alzheimer's and other dementias.

    Gerontology is not for everyone---as you can tell by the varying interests of your classmates. However, nearly all nurses are going to end up being "reluctant" gerontological nurses because this is the population that uses more health care resources.

    I applaud you for your enthusiasm and for your ambitions! (Gero is my passion, too.)
  5. by   SunbabiLPN
    I've been a LPN for 9 years and my favorite place to be is among the elderly. Usually my full time job is in a long term care or short term rehab facility but I also keep a variety of part time or PRN jobs that give me more experience in case I ever decide I want to try something new one day. I'd recommend at least PRN at a hospital to get acute care experience under your belt. I've found that no matter how much I love my job with the elderly experience in other fields is priceless.
  6. by   elkpark
    One of the great things about nursing, IMO, is that there's "something for everyone," and everyone can find something to do in nursing that they really enjoy.
  7. by   tokyoROSE
    That is not weird at all. There are many opportunities outside of the hospital. I applaud you for wanting to go into geriatrics-- we need good nurses there. When I was in LTC clinicals, I adored the residents. They had so many stories to tell and would let me do whatever I needed to them!
  8. by   kbm318
    Not weird at all I want to work in an ICU because I go crazy if I don't have much to challenge my mind like machines and drips. Idk I guess I just like the really sick ones over the patients I see on the Med-Surg floors
  9. by   VioletKaliLPN
    I really enjoy Med/Surg, and many think that is weird. I love the crazy rat race, what can I say.
  10. by   pitaya
    No, that's great. If all nursing students wanted to work in a hospital, then that would mean that all of the nurses who worked outside of the hospital would not be pursuing their passion and would be working jobs they hate. That is a horrifying thought. I think nursing school places a lot of emphasis on hospital nursing because it is the most common and a place where everyone can learn a lot.

    Personally, I'm with you. Sometimes I feel weird because I don't want to work in a hospital. I want to work in public health and I am getting a nursing degree specifically to complement that, yet when I say I don't want to work in a hospital or do floor nursing, I still get, "Well, then what would you do?" LOL I am learning to appreciate hospital nursing more and more as the program goes on, but it's not where my dreams lie.
  11. by   CrunchyMama
    Not crazy at all! I also worked in a nursing home as a CNA before becoming a mom and I always said once I became a nurse I would never work in a nursing home, lol. But now that I'm in my last semester, I quickly realized that I hate the hospital setting and love when I get to take care of a patient over 75 years old, lol. So for me, I'll probably end up being a nurse in a nursing home. I feel it's right. Good luck to you!
  12. by   ImThatGuy
    I don't think it's abnormal. I already know I will not work in a nursing home, in an OB or peds unit, or on a generic medical-surgical floor when I finish. If those are the only jobs available I'm going back to patrol, and I'll stick my nurse papers in a drawer with my other diplomas and certificates. Forget that nonsense.

    Everyone is different. It's your life. Do what you want to do with it to be happy.
  13. by   Certifiable
    so there are two of us out there!
    During the interview for the university program they asked what kind of nurse i was interested in becomming, and without blinknig I said Geriatrics. As it turned out, the professor that teaches Gerontology was in my interview, and remembered my name the first time raised my hand in class to ask a question!
    My classmates think I'm mental to want to deal with the the elderly, all heads turn in my direction whenever we talk in class about urinary incontenence, bowel disimpaction (english is not the language which I learn med terms so forgive the spelling) an so on... everyone else is interested in OB, surgery, ER, ICU, neurosurgery--- basicaly everything but geriatrics.
    Geriatrics is the future of medicine! the sooner ppl realise that the less resistant they'll be to treating these patients.
    I'm just hoping to make it through the next 2 years (I'm at the end of year 2) without being talked out of it.
    Also, I'm worried about the heartache that kind of nursing may cause--- as I'm a very sensitive person.
  14. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I admit, I was miserable in long term care clinicals and now I might be forced to do my preceptorship there. BUT It wasn't the patients that made me miserable. It was the environment. It was the first time I had ever been into a LTC facility and I was just shocked and appalled by what I saw. Apparently I was in one of the "good" facilities too. I left those clinicals and told my kids if they every put me in a nursing home I would take them out of my will. :|