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Certifiable has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/hematology.

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  1. Certifiable

    Trouble conceiving

    I can't do the basal temp measurment because of the shift work... If i'm racing around at work my body temp will be elevated regardless of my cycle. Cervical fluid is the next step. I just don't know if that is putting too much pressure on myself af...
  2. Certifiable

    Trouble conceiving

    I've been trying to conceive for 5 months. Now, i know that it's only "trouble" if it's been over a year. But nurses are not your average textbook patient! I do two nights and two days\evening shifts a week (8.5hours each) in a high stress BMT unit. ...
  3. Certifiable

    RN OCN compounding chemo

    Which chemo? Do you have a special infrastructure for it (i.e. a covered med area with a partition and a ventilation system that removes all air particles/med sprays during preparation)? Special gowns, gloves and masks?
  4. Certifiable

    Stop the Silence...Violence Against Nurses

    Two weeks ago, a mentally disturbed patient walked into a community clinic, sprayed a nurse with lighter fluid and set her on fire. She died. Apparently, he was upset about adverse effects of his flu shot. He came in to complain about it a few times....
  5. Certifiable

    Night shift and mandatory meetings

    I work 8 hours shifts and the monthly staff meeting is always scheduled at 13:00, everyone is expected to show up - but if the nurses from the previous night shift don't - no one says anything. They read the minutes printout that get sent along with ...
  6. Certifiable

    rituximab infusion rate (calculation)

    Exactly as written in "Cancer nursing: Principles and practice 7th edition" :)
  7. Certifiable

    15 Minutes in the Life of a Nurse

    I disagree. If I get a call from the lab about crazy electrolights or dangerous CBC, it's much quicker to intervene. I can immediately stop a drug that can be causing more harm, open fluids, check vitals and then... I call the doc and notify him of t...
  8. Certifiable

    How common is chemo through peripheral IV?

    Very common.
  9. Certifiable

    Ganciclovir, how to prepare it?

    Hi, We also don't receive it prepared from the pharmacy. In my unit, we have what we call a "hood" that you prepare drugs in. in theory it sucks out the air inside thus you are less likely to be exposed. However, we are still supposed to use gloves a...
  10. Certifiable

    A good reference book? help! CON

    Hi all, I'm doing a CON course overseas and unfortunately the academic level is not very good. Can anyone recommend a good text book (one that is relatively up-to-date)? I'm really at my wit's end about this! I wish I could quite the program but I c...
  11. Certifiable

    Dumbest thing a doctor has done/said to you

    When a senior doctor refused my request for a urinary catheter in a patient with Breast CA + mets to the brain (=every position change was painful) who was receiving mannitol and chemo (=lots of cytotoxic urine to come in contact with) and the new re...
  12. Certifiable

    I want a social life

    Misery loves company: I totally get the loneliness behind this post! I'm more alone now than i've ever been in my 20+ yrs of life, curtesy of 8hr hospital shifts (i do them all-morn/noon/night). My close group of friends have broken up and moved to d...
  13. Certifiable

    Anatomy of a Code

    Wow, that's a lot of people in one room. You have a pharmacist who draws the meds? cool. Our patient's rooms are so small (all for neutropenic isolation) that it gets extremely crowded as soon when the ventilator is plugged in. When a patient codes (...
  14. Certifiable

    New Nurse Having Panic Attacks!

    It's been a few weeks since your post so I hope everything is alright. I'm a new RN, 9 months into the job. I vividly recall trouble sleeping, nightmares (based on true and false patients/situations) and sometimes a horrible, heavy anxiety. Once I co...
  15. Certifiable

    Starting on the bone marrow transplant unit - help!

    Thank you all for the great advice. A little update: i'm 6 months into working on the BMT unit, and my heart still pounds whenever the charge nurse writes the patient assignments on the whiteboard -gulp! the problem is, during my month-long orientat...