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    Stop the Silence...Violence Against Nurses

    Two weeks ago, a mentally disturbed patient walked into a community clinic, sprayed a nurse with lighter fluid and set her on fire. She died. Apparently, he was upset about adverse effects of his flu shot. He came in to complain about it a few times. Tragic.
  2. Certifiable

    Really interesting roleplay scenario

    Below is a link to a website from the US department of health services--- It plays a scenario (ethics, procedures and more), that nurses come upon every day during work. It allows 3 options each time, so you see your choice played out. (kind of like a movie, with actors playing out your choices) If you have a few minutes to spare, this will give you something to think about. The link to the web site explaining: http://www.hhs.gov/ash/initiatives/hai/training/index.html The link to the main "attraction"--- the interactive part: http://www.hhs.gov/ash/initiatives/hai/training/partneringtoheal.html
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    I'm a dispairing student in need of advice.

    MEET THE ADMIN! I know that even if you don't have the scores- SAT, Uni or otherwise, when you meet the head of the program and explain your drive and motivation--- it can leave a lasting impression--- ask what you need to do to be reconsidered next time around or wait-listed...
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    Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!

    When you see that i've come early to the classroom and am reading notes, don't come up and ask "what are you doing", and when I say "studying" don't brush it off and call me crazy, that we have ages till the test--- I know YOU go home at the end of the day and review EVERYTHING, and YOU understand everything in class-- but I don't--- so please don't belittle my attempt at studying.
  5. Certifiable

    Is overkill possible for nursing student curriculum?

    To tell you the truth, it sounds way more relexing than my schedule: Sun- 9am-16:00 lectures (genetics, nutrition, embriology) 4 tests in june-july mon- clinicals 7am-15:00. (care plans, history, etc' to hand in) tue- " " " " wed- " " " " Thurs- random nursing lectures 8am-14:00. 4 tests during june-july... I miss learning about those sorta things... reminds me of sociology lessons in my first year. We write a few papers here and there, nothing of substance--- that is saved for 3rd and 4th year.
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    How do you motivate yourself?

    Think how awful it would be to fail... for me it would be borderline depression--- so that's a good enough kick in the butt to wipe the dust off my notes.
  7. In my country (not US) we are not allowed. If we give any type of pharmaceutical- be it an anti-acid or a fentanyl sticker--- we fail our rotation automatically!
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    What was your first speechless moment?

    Hey, what was your first patient-student nurse (or nurse) speechless moment? I've been on the Oncology ward for a few weeks, and my patient who was not so cooporative and sometimes just downright abusive, asked me to sit with him. I thought he wanted to continue our conversation, but he said he was tired--- but he didn't want me to leave--- he wanted me to SIT by his side. For weeks I thought I was annoying the hell out of him! but apparently he found me comforting. I sat by his bedside. I was speechless.
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    T-Shirt Ideas

    "trust me, I'm a nurse"...
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    Does your nursing school/hospital provide scrubs/uniforms?

    Maybe I was unclear. I was merely stating that med students get scrubs, even though they are not on payroll. And I wouldn't mind paying a little extra tuition in the name of convenience...
  11. I can count at least 5 different kind of fluids that splashed my uniform (white) while during clinicals (i'm only at the beginning, i know there's more). Yet the next day I'm expected to show up with a clean uniform. I'm sorry, but I can't afford 4 pairs of uniforms, and if I did the washing the day before it wouldn't be dry before 7am rounds. I know many people that wear the same uniform day after day if there is no physical sign of a stain. I refuse to do this, i hate to think that what bacteria I encounter and would pass on--- though oddly enough, I have to wash it at home! I mean, even the cleaning staff have hospital scrubs! The only way to get hospital scrubs is if you are on payroll and I find this absolutely ludicris--- and as they are also students and not employees, I highly doubt that the med students I see walking around in scrubs, buy them. I'm just frustrated. This hospital is an integral part of the university and it's where we'll be for 4 years (2 and a half left, but who's counting?). Sorry, needed to vent as I just pulled my uniform out of the machine...
  12. Certifiable

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    My patient this week is prone to falling b/c he is paralised from the waist down (the least of his medical problems sadly)--- the nurse/visitor who was there before me left his bed bars down!!! It may be only a little thing, but made me feel proud that I caught it.
  13. Hello, My Nursing class has to read a whole bunch of really boring Sociology chapters for the exam. People have stated that they are not going to read it because the class lectures are enough, and It would be a waste of time. A bunch of us are still going to do it- it is required reading after all, however there is a debate within this group of whether we should provide this treasure trove of notes to the whole class or just keep it to ourselves. There are basicaly two things to consider: 1. Some people will spend hours on this, while some will get it instantaneously if it is shared. 2. If it is shared, it fosters a feeling of much needed unity among classmates. What's your take?
  14. Certifiable

    12 hour shift clinicals

    I don't think we have 12hr shifts as students-- the only nurses that work 12hr shifts are ICU nurses- the rest are on 8 hours.