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kbm318 has 1 years experience and specializes in Med Surg/MICU/Pediatrics/PCICU.

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  1. kbm318

    Pediatrics Interview Questions

    Hi all I've been working in an LTAC for the last 7 months and I have interview in Pediatrics tomorrow. I've been mainly dealing with patients on ventilators and wound care with around 6-7 patients on a normal day. I know the two areas are very different but Pediatrics is the area I would really love to be in. Does any one have any tips or pointers for any questions regarding Pediatrics they may ask me? Or any interview questions in general. TIA!
  2. kbm318

    LPN or RN school...serious help. :(

    I haven't read the other comments my only suggestion would be go with what is in demand in your area. In my area they aren't really hiring LPN's and are actually phasing them out.
  3. kbm318

    When should I follow up?

    :w00t: Congrats! I'm a new grad also and I had my first interview yesterday and the second part to the interview is next Tuesday.
  4. kbm318

    nclex review for ALL tests

    I agree with Saunders books. My school also made every test question NCLEX style. I would study all my materials from class and then look up the section we were studying in my NCLEX book and read the entire section. Sometimes it gave some better tips on how to remember and learn things. I also would do the questions for that section to help me as well.
  5. kbm318

    Number of clinical hours

    I went to a diploma RN program and we had over 1200 hours
  6. kbm318

    2 weeks 20+plus Applications

    I've been applying since January and haven't even gotten an interview so hope you have better luck than I am having!
  7. I went to a diploma school in PA for nursing and then moved to SC after graduation. Let's just say that was 8 months ago and I still have yet to even get 1 phone call for an interview. My husband is a nurse also and has tried every connection possible but everyone says they don't want new grads unless they have a BSN.
  8. kbm318

    How long after your done the NCLEX can you do the PVT

    It doesn't always take 2 hours. My results went through instantly.
  9. kbm318

    UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing '09'

    During your 200 semesters you will have PBL which is Problem Based Learning. They give you a scenario of a patient and you and your classmates (you will be split into small groups) have to figure out top priorities and interventions that you would do. You pretty much have to figure out what's wrong and what you would do for it. Most of them last 2 days and then you will have a day of SIM correlating to the scenario you did in PBL. The instructor's reasoning behind this is to get you to think and to learn, they say that medical students and even I guess resident's do this all the time to better themselves. It does suck because you cant really use it to help study for your test you will actually have to read the book. (wow this is why people throw a fit but seriously your an adult and in college don't expect everything to be spoon fed to you). They used to offer a test remediation on the tests that had PBL material on it so you could improve your grade up to an 84% but they recently took it away saying that people were relying on it to pass and they weren't studying. I hope this helps you.
  10. kbm318

    Shadyside SON questions

    The lady who takes the photo's isn't part of Shadyside SON she is an employee of AAA. Because Shadyside is in the AAA building we have a badge that scans us into the building if it is before 830 and to get us into the school hallways as well.
  11. kbm318

    Profs who round down damper my day

    We don't get our grades rounded at all, so consider yourself lucky to get them rounded. We could have a 91.9999 but nope it will still be a B.
  12. Thanks!
  13. we don't learn how to do IV's either because they said something about a JCAHO thing I'm not sure what it was. But they said not to worry because the hospitals in my city all have IV teams that do it for you. I'm worried though because I'm moving out of state when I graduate and I don't know if it will make it hard for me to get a job because I have no idea how to start an IV
  14. kbm318

    UPMC Shadyside Application Delays

    I had the same problem with the scores being sent to me. I had to call a few times because I never got them so they had to tell them to me over the phone, and they resent the application packet to me. I think I got it about 5 days later. However, with my transcripts I don't think I had any problem with them getting there but I know others did. So I guess it just depends on the days of the week and how the mail is running. I had most of my science classes out of the way so it was definitely a lot easier for me once school started. So if you do have to wait until fall you will be glad you took your science classes before hand (if you decide to). And having clinical at the various hospitals is great I love it.
  15. Actually I started last March at Shadyside and we are mostly adult learners. There are a few straight from high school and when I say a few I mean maybe 3 at the max. Also we didn't start with a class over 100 it was more around 80 or so and our lecture sizes range from 20-30.