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So after every exam, everyone starts the whole "how did you do?" I have gotten three A's and a B so far. Today after my third A, we did the whole routine of asking how you did. So pretty much everyone knows I got good grades.... Read More

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    I usually tell people I got a lower grade than I actually did. Only because everyone thinks I'm oh so smart, but I don't want all of them trying to get me to study and blah blah. I like study groups, but I like MY study group. The select few I have been studying with since day 1. I don't like new people in the group, ya know? We work well together and get our stuff done and know and understand the material. I just find that a lot of the people goof around, and it bugs me, so I have stayed away. I'm not mean or anything, just never tell people when/where we are studying
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    I just tell people I either did well or I didn't do as good as I would like. I don't tell people my specific grades. I honestly think it's rude to even ask.
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    I share my grades willingly. I just don't worry about it. Of course, my first semester of nursing school didn't go as well as I would have hoped, so I wasn't sharing 97s or anything like that. If people ask, I tell them. I truly could care less how they take it after that. They asked. If they don't ask, I'm not going to announce it or anything. One of my classmates managed a 99 on our hardest test. We did razz her a little, but only because she was receptive to it. It was all in good fun and we all started with how proud we were of her. Highest grade ever on that test since our school started. Gotta love that!
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    I always say, "elevendybillion, I know I was surprised also. I won all the points for nursing."

    I was just talking to a friend today about how everyone in her class was being rude to her because she ended up with the highest grade. I told her she should just respond with, "Whatever, I do what I want!" and walk off.

    I am reminded of the song, "We hate it when our friends become successful."
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    I don't share my grades at all anymore. I've found that my grades are typically some of the highest (lol I'm definitely not perfect though!!!), and that means that people constantly asked me to help them study or join study groups or help them with projects or help them with SOMEthing. First, I much prefer to study alone because I need complete silence to be able to focus, and at home I can shut myself away in my study room with a cup of tea and FOCUS! I'm definitely not opposed to helping out my classmates who are actually trying to figure this stuff out themselves, but I was consistently being asked to do things for people who never attempted to help anyone else, never tried for themselves, and wanted somebody to do all their work for them. I was even asked to help another classmate cheat once (and you'd better believe I reported her for academic dishonesty.....). So! My attitude now is that it's nobody else's business what kind of grades I make, just as it's none of my business what other people are doing. I just say something general when asked, like "I passed", and I leave it at that.
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    Love someone addressing this issue. I just posted similar sentiments, but not the responses I was looking for.... I am feeling you. I just say I did ok, and hope people assume I did just that.
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    Yes, for a number of reasons, I think I absorb things and retain them more easily than others. But, physical skills I struggle more with because I'm a bit clumbsy. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

    I do see some people get snarky with me. Sometimes, I ask them if it would make their grade better if I failed. Since we don't curve, it won't, and it is really immaterial that I did well on the test. It does **** me off when we are assigned group projects and someone decides that since I won't let us do poorly, that they don't need to make any effort. I'm happy to help someone who wants to learn, and I will tutor other students. But I hate it when someone gets a good grade off my work only by the benefit of being assigned to me.
    At those times, I try to remember that when it comes time for the NCLEX......every one stands alone.
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    my BSN program is very competitive only the best applicants got accepted so to be honest everybody in my class is smart period so most people get A's. but just don't tell people your grade in your case if they ask just let them know you got a passing grade.
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    I always used to just smile and be like "I did fine." Whatever reaction they gave afterward didn't matter to me because I answered their question already. BUT, you really don't owe them any response. Be proud of your accomplishments and keep at it!
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    Quote from mjo07
    "Well I studied so much for this test, I got the grade I deserved, I need to go study now, bye!" walks away
    ^Love THIS...Perfect!

    I rarely shared what I go on a test, except from people who had test anxiety like me, and that was only two people. We were each others life support...although the two withdrew, one graduated with me, the other continues in the program and is almost done.

    It goes from "what grade you got" to "how much money you make?" In this profession...this quote from mjo07 can be used for both occurrences, just tweak for the salary response.

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